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  • SFMM_TCMedia_FI
    Twisted Colossus Media Day At Six Flags Magic Mountain

    After roughly nine months of hard work, Six Flags Magic Mountain finally unveiled its brand new roller coaster, Twisted Colossus, as well as an entire new theme to the land in which...

    • 05/21/2015
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  • SFMM_TC1 - FI
    First Riders On Twisted Colossus

    Last night was an Employee Preview event at Six Flags Magic Mountain, where the employees could be the first riders on Twisted Colossus before the masses hit this coming...

    • 05/18/2015
    • 30
  • KBF_VTIR_ - FI
    Voyage to the Iron Reef Opens At Knott’s Berry Farm

    Knott’s Berry Farm has unfurled the sails of their latest attraction, Voyage to the Iron Reef, an interactive 4D experience that blends a traditional dark ride with the action...

    • 05/14/2015
    • 7
  • TwoTrains
    Riders Needed For Twisted Colossus

    You do not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to be filmed on Twisted Colossus!! Six Flags Magic Mountain is looking to fill the Twisted Colossus...

    • 05/08/2015
    • 85
    Twisted Colossus Construction Update #23

    First and foremost: Twisted Colossus will open to the public on May 23, 2015! Now that we got that out of the way, we can move on to the...

    • 04/29/2015
    • 47
    Twisted Colossus Construction Update #22

    When watching a roller coaster be built, it sometimes feels like weeks go by where there doesn’t appear to be any work being done. Other times, you can’t figure...

    • 04/19/2015
    • 25
  • SFMM_gore_FI
    Goliath Slayed By Gore Magala

    A few weeks ago, something changed on the Goliath roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. However, unless you actually went on the ride, or were at least in...

    • 04/15/2015
    • 11