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The History of Six Flags

By on 12/16/2010

Given the fact that I have decided to start a blog dedicated almost exclusively to the coverage of Six Flags, Inc. and its various theme parks, I felt that it was prudent that I provide some background on the company’s history for those who might be interested. I thought it would be interesting to describe how the company was founded and how it got to where it is today. As I started to do my research, I stumbled upon what appears to be the mother lode of Six Flags’ history. Therefore, rather than re-invent the wheel, I’m going to simply refer you there.

The Six Flags entry in the International Directory of Company Histories, by The Gale Group, Inc., is a thorough and absolutely fascinating look into the history of the company. From its initial start in 1960 as a way for some developers to raise capital to fund an industrial complex, to the jaw-dropping $1.86B buyout in 1998 by Premiere Parks, Inc., this article covers it all, at least until 2002. It also highlights every park addition and closure along the way, as well as the various owners the company has had over time.

In addition to the above article, the Six Flags Wikipedia entry on provides additional background on the company, such as the shareholder revolt that saw a changing of the executive management team in 2005, the sale of several of the parks in 2007, and the bankruptcy of 2009. There is also a great overview of their marketing efforts and licensing deals. Fact: Did you know that Microsoft founder Bill Gates owns approximately 11% of Six Flags through his investment company?

Both of the above articles, as well as additional information on Six Flags, Inc., can be found as a single entry on (here).

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