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Day 5 of Six Flags Magic Mountain Rain Closure

By on 12/22/2010

It’s hard to believe, but Six Flags Magic Mountain just announced that it will not open for its fifth consecutive day due to severe rain storms still lingering over the Los Angeles area. It’s pretty rare for us to get really heavy rains here in Southern California, but these last several days have been extraordinary. There are some areas that have gotten up to 15 inches of rain since Friday. Most cities are reporting 6-10 inches of rain. I’m not sure where you’re from, but that is a lot of water for us, especially for a place that has lots of roadways and not much in the way of heavy duty storm water systems. Some cities are completely flooded.

The negative comments about the closure continue to roll in on Six Flags’ official Facebook page. Many people had bought tickets ahead of time knowing they would be in the area for Christmas. Others were hoping to cash in their “bring a friend” coupon before it expired. Park employees are disappointed because they are losing five days worth of work during a time when they could have used a little extra cash for the holidays. One employee told me they have been getting calls about two hours before they are to report to work saying not to bother because the park won’t be opening. While it’s nice they get some time to spend with their families during the holiday, some of them reported that they really needed the money.

The National Weather Service is reporting one more severe low pressure system moving over us today, bringing with it heavy rains and hail up to 3/4″ in size. That front is due to move east by late afternoon with nothing coming in behind it. The good news here is that tomorrow is supposed to be mostly dry with a chance of sunshine. If that forecast holds true, Six Flags Magic Mountain may actually be open for a full day before closing again for Christmas. Let’s all keep our roller coasters, errr, fingers crossed!

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