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Stroller Parking In Six Flags Magic Mountain?

By on 01/19/2011

I was leisurely walking through Six Flags Magic Mountain last week when I saw something that I have never seen before. It was a Stroller Parking sign. I want to point out that I was not in Bugs Bunny World. In fact, I was nowhere near it. I was on the backside of the park, by the waterfront. The reason it struck me as odd is because I honestly don’t recall ever seeing a stroller in that park, even around Bugs Bunny World. Here is a picture that I offer as proof:

Now, if this were Disneyland, I wouldn’t give it another thought. You can’t take four steps in that park without having to jump out of the way of a stroller, especially those huge green rentals. They practically have their own parking lots within the park. But this is Six Flags. Why does the thought of a stroller in this park seem so strange to me? Are they not trying to be more family friendly? Of course they are, but perhaps families with very small children don’t agree. After all, what is there for small kids to ride throughout most of the park? Most of the rides are designed for riders to be a minimum of 42″ tall. That pretty much rules out the entire stroller crowd. Therefore, I guess the reason a stroller parking sign jumped out at me as odd is because there are no strollers in this park, and the reason there are no strollers in the park is because there is no reason for them to be there because there is nothing for children of that age to do. If Six Flags was smart, they’d sprinkle in some toddler friendly rides and/or attractions of some sort around the park.

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