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Apocalypse Sign Done On The Cheap At Six Flags Magic Mountain

By on 01/23/2011

As most people are aware by now, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation terminated several licensing deals late last year as part of a cost savings measure. The two most notable changes at the Six Flags Magic Mountain park due to the loss of those agreements are the de-branding of the Thomas Town area and the Terminator Salvation: The Ride wooden roller coaster. When most rides or attractions lose their existing brand, but the attraction is going to be kept, they usually get a new theme. That can be as simple as replacing all the signage referencing the old name with the new name, or it can be as extensive as new signage, a new paint job, new trains, and all new accessories to bolster the new theme. It’s too soon to tell what the new Whistle Stop Depot, the new theme for Thomas Town, will look like, as that work hasn’t been done yet, but Terminator is still a relatively new coaster and doesn’t really need any work done. However, as you can see in the following photos, Six Flags Magic Mountain decided to go the inexpensive route on the re-theme of Terminator.

Everyone knew that Terminator Salvation was going to be renamed to Apocalypse as of the first week of January, and they were excited to see the transformation. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much of a transformation. Six Flags removed most references to the Terminator franchise throughout the ride and ride queues, including the hanging Terminator models inside the abandoned ‘factory’, but that’s about all they did. There were new videos produced for the three staging areas of the queue, but they were not well received by most park guests. In fact, rumor has it that they are already being changed, hopefully for the better. The biggest disappointment, in my opinion, is the entrance to the ride. You want a large, marquee sign beckoning people to come experience the ride. Terminator had that. Apocalypse does not. Well, not exactly. Here is what the new entrance sign looks like:

All they did was coverup the Terminator sign with a new sign. Let’s take a closer look:

This looks like a 3/8″ piece of OSB or pressboard, painted black with a giant Apocalypse sticker, and then screwed to the Terminator Salvation sign with about 20 screws. In fact, the piece of wood they used wasn’t even big enough to cover the entire old sign and you can still see part of the ‘T’ & ‘S’ from Terminator Salvation sticking out the side. How do you fix that? Just paint them black, of course!

Also, what about “THE RIDE” portion down below? Why wasn’t that covered up? As far as I know, the new name is simply “Apocalypse”, not Apocalypse: The Ride. I haven’t seen any references to the new name, on Six Flag Magic Mountain’s website or elsewhere, that wasn’t just plain old “Apocalypse”. I know they’re really going the cheap route here, but for consistency’s sake, couldn’t they have spend an extra $20 on another piece of wood and some more black paint to coverup the bottom part as well?

I’d like to give Six Flags the benefit of the doubt and think this is just a quick, temporary solution while a new, professional sign can be made and installed. However, my gut is telling me that based on historical decisions the company has made in similar situations, this is the permanent sign. Six Flags, if you’re reading this, please prove me wrong.


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  2. Leaf

    07/01/2014 at 9:12 am

    I wish. I thought that “The Ride” was strange! You can still see tons of “S”es around the ride. I didn’t know you could still see parts of the old sign. Weird.

    • The Coaster Guy

      07/02/2014 at 12:45 pm

      You can’t see part of the old sign any longer. They eventually replaced the temporary sign with a permanent one and removed the old one.

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