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Atom Smasher Closed At Six Flags Magic Mountain

By on 01/23/2011

As I was walking through Six Flags Magic Mountain yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice the above sign on the Atom Smasher ride. Since I have never actually seen this ride broken down before, I was curious what the problem was. I glanced over at the ride itself and it didn’t take me very long to spot what the problem was:

It’s gone! I honestly wasn’t expecting to see this, but I’m glad they’re doing something with it. The last time I was on the ride, it was really showing its age. It ran great, it just looked old and run-down. Considering that it has been in the park since 1974, it really is one of the oldest rides in the park.

I haven’t read or heard anything about what they are doing here. It’s hard to tell if they are simply repairing something majorly wrong with it, refurbishing it, or completely dismantling it all together. I first thought that maybe they were going to use the space for a new queue for the upcoming Green Lantern ride, but I think it’s too far away from where that ride is going in. I’m hoping they’re just refurbishing it because it’s a fun family ride and the park needs more rides like this if they truly want to become more family friendly. If you know what the master plan is here, please drop me a note or leave a comment.

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