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Green Lantern: First Flight Construction Update #4 At SFMM

By on 02/06/2011

There was lots of buzz around Six Flags Magic Mountain this past week as pieces of the Green Lantern: First Flight roller coaster finally started to show up onsite. These following pictures are what I could see from the public side of the fence as there was a huge wall of dirt blocking most of what was being worked on, most likely the prep work and placement of the rebar for the concrete footings:

These pictures show where the Green Lantern track is currently sitting, behing Apocalypse, waiting to be installed in the park:

Note: All of the following pictures are property of Six Flags and can be seen on their Facebook page (here).

Here is a better shot of the work going on behind the giant dirt hill we saw above:

This is some of the rebar that will be used to strengthen the concrete footings for Green Lantern:

Here are some great close-up shots of the Green Lantern track itself:

The most exciting photo, in my opinion, is the close-up of the seats that will be used for Green Lantern:

For some more great behind-the-scenes shots of Green Lantern: First Flight being built, be sure to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Facebook page.

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