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Green Lantern: First Flight Construction Update #5 At SFMM

By on 02/13/2011

This week’s Green Lantern: First Flight roller coaster update at Six Flags Magic Mountain shows progress being made on getting the footer wells ready for concrete. It looks like the holes are dug and the rebar is ready to be dropped in.

This first photo shows more steel being added to the pile of what was already there. Look how long those suckers are:

This picture shows a couple of footer wells prepped and waiting to be filled with steel and concrete. Judging by their size, I’m guessing that there will be more than one rebar column per footing:

It’s hard to see due to the light, but you can barely make out a couple more wells for the footers:

I’ve never built a roller coaster before, but I’m guessing these get embedded into the top of the concrete footers onto which the steel structure of the roller coaster will eventually be attached to. Again, due to the sheer number of these, I’m guessing that each footer will house a couple of these:

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