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Road Runner Express Construction Update #6 At Six Flags Magic Mountain

By on 02/15/2011

Not a whole lot to report this week on the installation of the Road Runner Express roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. As you can see from this first photo, there is another large hole that has been dug:

It seems odd that this hole has been dug because the demolition of this area had already been done and everything had pretty much been leveled afterwards. However, upon closer inspection, you can see multiple pieces of mangled concrete and rebar deep within the hole. My assumption is that these are remnants of footings from an old ride that used to be located here. The footings were probably never completely removed but rather simply covered up. I suspect that these old footings are preventing the new footings from being placed and need to be removed, hence the need to dig everything up again. You can just make out the tops of a couple of the old footings in this photo:

Here is a close-up of one of the old footings:

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