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JB’s Smokehouse Barbeque Coming To Six Flags Magic Mountain

By on 02/16/2011

In 2010, Six Flags Magic Mountain opened up a new restaurant called Longhorn’s BBQ. It was actually a second location for a local restaurant that was located in Castaic, CA. It was located in the restaurant building just in front of The Riddler’s Revenge, the former home of Eduardo’s Grill. I personally never had the chance to eat there, but I heard very good things about it. They had an open smoker they would setup just outside the building and smoke the meat on. The smells were delicious and radiated throughout the area. Unfortunately, Longhorn’s went away just about the same time that Six Flags had announced that they were pulling the plug on several licensing deals, but the two events were unrelated. Longhorn’s had simply fallen prey to the economy. Here is a notice that they had posted on their website:

We unfortunately have become the latest casualty of the bad economy we have all been facing for the last several years.  Although we thought we had left the worst behind us we were unable to reach a workable rent with the landlord.

We want to thank all of you who came out to support us and rang the bell with gusto.  We truly enjoyed serving you and letting you guys become familiar with the way we do things down Texas way.

The Longhorn’s BBQ branding has been removed from the building, and you can now see the previous Eduardo’s Grill name. Here is how the building sits today:

If you walk up to the doors today, you will now see this sign:

JB’s Smokehouse Barbeque was a new restaurant for Six Flags that was supposed to be introduced in two parks in 2010: Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Great America. It only opened at Six Flags Over Texas but it was such a huge success that Six Flags decided to roll it out at other parks for 2011. Fortunately for us, it looks like Six Flags Magic Mountain will be one of those parks.

According to the Six Flags Over Texas website, JB’s Smokehouse Barbeque offers BBQ sandwiches, burgers, turkey legs, chicken strips, fries, salads, and drinks. It’s unclear what the “Blues” refers to in the above sign, but it’s probably safe to assume it’s the type of music they play. The press release that Six Flags put out last year announcing the debut of JB’s said they wanted more than just a restaurant. They also wanted to make it more of a show, so they use outside smokers that allow the guests to watch the meat being prepared. An added bonus, as we already know from Longhorn’s BBQ at Magic Mountain, is that the BBQ smell wafts throughout the area, making people hungry and wanting to eat there. I don’t know about you, but my mouth is already watering. I can’t wait to try it out this summer.

CORRECTION: Jeff H left a reader comment that Six Flags Great America did indeed open up a JB’s Smokehouse Barbeque for the 2010 season in their County Fair Food Court. It’s just not advertised anywhere. Thanks, Jeff!


  1. Jeff H

    02/16/2011 at 9:03 pm

    JB’s has some great barbecue sandwiches! There was a location added in 2010 at Six Flags Great America in the County Fair Food Court. My group ate there a couple times last season.

    • admin

      02/17/2011 at 8:33 am

      Thanks for the update. My research showed that they did not ending up adding one in Great America, but I believe you. I’ll have to add an addendum to my post.

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