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Superman Technical Rehearsals Delayed Today Due To Weather

By on 02/20/2011

I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain today with the hopes of catching a ride on the newly refurbished Superman: Escape from Krypton during their technical rehearsals for season pass holders. Unfortunately, they were not conducting tests today because of all the heavy rains we had yesterday and last night. I was disappointed, but completely understood. As I was walking around the park, I noticed that there were maintenance workers way up on the structure. By the time I got close enough for a photo, they had already made their way down to the lower section:

I’m glad to see them take safety serious and ensure the ride is in perfect working order, especially after the deluge of rain we had, before sending guests out on the ride. Later in the day, after I had already returned home, I did hear through the grapevine that they were able to get a couple of test runs in with guests before the park closed. If I have the time, perhaps I’ll wander over to the park tomorrow and see if I can’t hitch a ride.

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