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Superman Testing Resumed Today At Six Flags Magic Mountain

By on 02/27/2011

After heavy rains and some extremely cold temperatures that brought snow to the lower elevations, Six Flags Magic Mountain had to cancel their technical rehearsals of Superman: Escape from Krypton on Saturday. Many people had made a special trip to the park with the hope of catching a preview ride, but they were turned away. The good news was that they practically had the rest of the park to themselves as the rains kept most people away. The sun came out early today and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was still a bit cool, but at least it was dry. I grabbed the camera and headed to the park, catching some more photos of the Man of Steel being put through his paces.

They didn’t seem to be running any tests, so I headed over to the Green Lantern construction site to snap some pics over there. That’s when I heard the first car go up. I quickly turned around and was able to capture this photo:

Nobody on it, but check out how high it was going. All the way up to the emergency brakes. They sent it up empty a couple of more times as I made my way back over that direction. Here is a shot of the first group of people I saw go up:

I thought it was interesting that there were two empty seats. Were there not that many people waiting or did nobody want to break up their group? Check out the next car that went up:

Only three people? Are you serious? If I didn’t have my camera gear with me, I would have made my way up to the top and tried to catch a ride. Oh well, I’ll get on it eventually. Notice that both times, even with people, it’s still going as high as possible. This is going to be a great ride! This shot is a little blurry, but check out the graphics:

There seems to be some debate whether or not these are the final graphics used for this car or if it’s merely a wrap that was applied for the commercial shoot that took place last Thursday. Here is a picture of the other car, taken during the commercial shoot, as seen on Six Flags’ Facebook page:

Superman: Escape from Krypton Commercial Shoot (C) Six Flags

Personally, I like the blue car much better. The red car is just too busy and you really can’t even make out what it is. It really looks like someone spilled paint on it or pelted it with a paintball gun.

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