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Superman: Escape From Krypton Prepares For Grand Opening

By on 03/13/2011

With only one week to go before Superman: Escape from Krypton opens to the general public, Six Flags Magic Mountain has been busy with last minute preparations. The park was busy Saturday testing the new cars on both sides on the track. Here you can see the new graphics package on the left track car as it made a test run Saturday afternoon:

Here is a photo taken during a test run a couple of weeks ago that shows the graphics on the right track car. A bit busy for my liking:

The giant Superman logo located on the ground as you approach the ride is getting a fresh coat of paint in anticipation of the grand opening:

Although not visible to the general public, other than from the Sky Tower as seen here, the emergency brake zone located behind the maintenance area got a new covering. This area was not previously covered and should provide some welcome shade for the folks that work in that area during the scorching summer months:

Lastly, to ensure that everyone knows how to get to the newly refurbished ride, all of the directional signs in the park have been replaced with the new name:

Superman: Escape from Krypton is scheduled to open to the public on March 19, 2011 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

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