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Six Flags And Sony Pictures Partner For Promoting The Smurfs

By on 03/15/2011

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Six Flags Entertainment Corporation and Sony Pictures Entertainment are teaming up this summer to advertise and promote the upcoming release of The Smurfs. The Sony movie, which will be releasing nationwide on August 3rd, will be promoted during Spring Break events in all domestic Six Flags parks. Six Flags will be using Six Flags TV, digital billboards, signage and online properties to promote the campaign.

Clothing retailer Hot Topic will also be a part of the campaign. From March 12 through April 26th, any customer buying a Smurf-branded t-shirt at one of the 200 participating Hot Topic stores will receive a $20 discount off general admission to any domestic Six Flags park.

Lastly, Six Flags is sponsoring a sweepstakes that includes prizes such as cash, Six Flags tickets, and a trip for two to New York City. You can enter the sweepstakes at

I understand the concept of companies partnering on movie tie-ins and promotional campaigns, but I personally don’t see how these two particular items fit that well together. If there was some Smurf theming throughout the Six Flags parks, then it would make sense. If the Smurf movie involves the Smurfs taking a trip to a Six Flags theme park, then it would also make sense. But without those, where is the common thread? I’m not convinced that the typical park guest is the same demographic that this type of a movie is targeted at. I can see how Hot Topic fits, with them selling Smurf t-shirts, but what’s Six Flags getting out of the deal? They can give out $20 discount coupons anytime and anywhere they want if they want to build traffic. All I see here is Six Flags taking advertising money from Sony and playing their ads to a captive audience, all those people waiting in line to get on a ride. I’m not sure about you, but I’m already dreading how many times I’m going to have to endure a Smurf commercial as I’m waiting in line to ride Apocalypse. I do not want to see Smurf ads plastered all over my local Six Flags park. I completely understand the need for companies such as Six Flags to raise additional revenue through selling in-park advertising, but I feel that their Corporate Alliance team needs to do a better job at finding products that have more in common with the typical park guest. Sony is a great company, but I do not think that a movie about the Smurfs is the right fit for a Six Flags theme park. Just my personal opinion. If your opinion differs from mine, please feel free to share it.


  1. zach

    03/15/2011 at 10:30 pm

    Hot Topic is key. Six Flags is trying to recapture teens. Mostly teens shop at Hot Topic.

  2. Milan

    03/16/2011 at 7:14 am

    From neverending story 2 review by the nostalgia critic: Bullshit!

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