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Apocalypse Gets A New Sign At Six Flags Magic Mountain

By on 03/29/2011

Back in January, I posted an article (here) that basically said the new Apocalypse sign at Six Flags Magic Mountain was cheap. I am now glad to report that sign is gone and a new, more permanent looking sign has been installed. Here is what the previous sign looked like:

When Six Flags dropped some of their licensing deals last year, they gave up their right to use the Terminator brand, so all of the Terminator branding on the Terminator: Salvation roller coaster had to go. As you can see in the above photo, they simply covered up the old sign with a very inexpensive looking Apocalypse sign. Some people are claiming that it was always meant to be temporary, but I have my doubts. There was plenty of time to have a more permanent looking sign manufactured between when the licensing deals were dropped and when the above sign went up. I’m thinking that Six Flags Magic Mountain tried to get away with a less expensive option, but after months of public “feedback”, they finally gave in and had a new sign made. Here is what the new sign looks like:

I think this is a decent looking sign and fits well with the overall theme of the ride. However, it’s nothing more than 10 letters cut out of diamond plating and then attached to the existing backplate. There is no reason this couldn’t have been done in the same amount of time that it took to have the “temporary” sign made. Why not just have the professional looking sign from day one?

On a side note, why do you suppose they kept the “The Ride” portion of the old name? And why didn’t they match up the fonts, or at a minimum paint the lower white letters a similar color as the top? I personally don’t like this and don’t think it should ever be used. I’m pretty confident that someone isn’t going to confuse a roller coaster with a movie or tv show or whatever else they may theme a ride from. I say drop it and forget it.


  1. Josh

    03/29/2011 at 9:21 pm

    I think the sign looks fine. Sure it was probably just as inexpensive, but at least it looks finished. The different fonts is alright because I think it gives the really drab colors of the sign a little bit of contrast. Leaving “the ride” is a whatever decision in my mind. It doesn’t really matter if it’s there or not. Great report as usual.

  2. Zac

    08/10/2011 at 11:06 am

    the sign actually isnt as simple as it looks. at night the “APOCALYPSE” letters glow a bright red, that match the lights on the side of the gates. It really gives it a “spooky” look.

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