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Trip Report For 19 Feb 2012

By on 02/19/2012

This photo trip report for Six Flags Magic Mountain was based on my visit to the park on the morning of Sunday, February 19, 2012.

Today was the second day of Six Flags’ annual job fair. I saw lots of people on the tram with their paperwork, hoping to score a job today. As we approached the main gate, I could see they were using the picnic pavilion for the job fair. The radio station AMP 97.1 was also on-hand. I’m not sure if they were broadcasting live or just there as a promotion, or both, but they were setup near the entrance to the job fair:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

The announcement on the tram ride said the Cyber Cafe had brand new HP computers. Since I never go into the cafe, I wasn’t sure if this was a new or old announcement. I popped my head in and noticed they did seem to have fairly new computers. The computers are free for anyone to use. Also, for those who didn’t know, like me, the park now offers free wi-fi in and around the Cyber Cafe:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

A comment left by a reader of last week’s trip report (Thanks, Andrew!) pointed out that Apocalypse has removed its on-ride photography system. Apparently it wasn’t making enough money to keep it in operation. It should also be mentioned that with Kodak currently in bankruptcy, and shedding its digital camera business, the future of the company is in serious jeopardy. Kodak has a partnership with Six Flags to provide all photographic services in the parks. If Kodak goes out of business, Six Flags will either need to find a new photo partner, start doing the photography itself, or get out of the photography business all together. Here is the former photo station for Apocalypse:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

While in the back of the park, I confirmed that this Johnny Rockets Shakes & Fries location, like the one in the Six Flags Plaza, has also been de-branded:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

The Johnny Rockets Express, located in the Center Ring Games area, does not look like it’s been touched and very well could remain. I can’t help but wonder if contractual obligations prevent Six Flags from completely removing all Johnny Rockets just yet:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

We knew it was going to happen, but didn’t know when. After sitting unused for the past three years, Thrill Shot has finally been removed:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

It’s obvious to see where the heavy equipment pulled the pieces out because the weight of the vehicle crushed the edge of the midway:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

There were also some pretty big gouges and scrapes in the middle of the midway where they had either set, dropped, and/or dragged pieces, but I didn’t snap any pics of those.

It looks like each support column had four pieces that were embedded directly into the ground and set with concrete. Rather than dig them out, they simply cut the steel flush to the ground to remove the columns. Here is where one of them sat:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

I don’t know if this was the first one they attempted or if it was a rookie employee, but it’s just a blob of steel. I’m guessing they used a plasma cutter, or something similar to cut through the steel. Most of them look pretty clean except for this one:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

With Thrill Shot out of the way, we now have some unique views of Ninja that we haven’t seen in many years:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

Green Lantern: First Flight was running five cars today. However, one of them was missing the safety shield between the inside rider and the actual mechanics of the ride, so they kept sending it around without any riders:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

This was actually pretty cool to watch because it allowed you to see parts of the car that you never get to see while the ride is on the track:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

The Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom construction wall got some new colors. Large green and purple stripes have been painted down the middle. Since the LL:DOD logo we have been shown is green and purple, my guess is that they are going to start putting teasers up along the length of the wall, getting people excited for the ride:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

The Boardwalk Arcade sign has been removed from one of the buildings, exposing what the older Arcade sign looked like that was underneath it:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

The Paintball Alley sign was also removed from its building, exposing an even older Arcade sign from way back, before the arcade moved into its current building:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

With the HVAC equipment removed, it’s probably safe to say that these buildings are going bye-bye and will not be re-purposed for the new ride, unless they just use the shell:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

The chain link fence that was erected around the former Metro monorail station last week has now been covered with a green wrap. What interests me about this is the sign they put out that says they are working on a new attraction. The sign was deliberately placed so it could easily be read by anyone looking in that direction. I could be reading more into it than it deserves, but there is enough room for a flat ride. Just sayin’…

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

The demolition of the former Jog Jammer site continues on a grand scale:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

It looks like they’ve removed even more dirt from this area, making quite the hole:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

I didn’t catch it at first, until I saw the following piece of monorail beam lying on the ground:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

My eyes shifted back up the hill to where the monorail had been cut off last week. To my surprise, it was all gone. Not only that, but did you happen to catch where all the heavy equipment tracks lead to and from? The tunnel!! You cannot look at the work being done here and tell me they aren’t working on a massive coaster that will not only go over the top of the hill, but will return through this tunnel:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

I’m still scratching my head why they’ve cleared all around these fake rocks from the former Log Jammer lagoon setting. Even if they plan to reuse them for some sort of water feature on the new ride, they look broken and damaged:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

The same can be said about the former pump house. Will it be used again or have they just not gotten around to removing it because it’s not in their way? Looks junky:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012

Here is another short video update of the demolition process:

In closing, there were a ton of geese in the park today. I’m not sure if it’s mating season or if they all migrated down from up North, but they seemed to be everywhere:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 19 Feb 2012


  1. Chuck Whiteley

    02/19/2012 at 4:30 pm

    Thanks for the update. I can’t wait to find out what they are going to do with the old Log Jammer space. It better be awesome. They took out a pretty awesome ride.

    • Kurt

      02/19/2012 at 4:39 pm

      Still no official word from the park, but I’m still hearing the giga coaster rumors, most likely from Intamin. If the prep work being done now is any indicator, that rumor is looking more and more accurate. I sure hope it’s true!

  2. caleb

    02/19/2012 at 5:23 pm

    The “new attraction” sign in front of the Metro area is very interesting. It’s the same sign in front of the LG queue house. I agree with your statement about a possible flat 🙂

  3. Josh

    02/19/2012 at 5:53 pm

    CoasterGuy, thanks for all these consistent updates! I appreciate all the work you put into them.

    Let me provide you with a little info I discovered at yesterday’s TPR West Coast Bash. The old arcade by Lex Luthor will be repurposed as the queue line. The queue, Shooting Gallery, and Guest Necessity will get new themed facades, with the shooting and necessity to stay and themed accordingly. You will exit (from the perspective the pictures are taken) on the right around guest necessity.

    Fun fact: The entire staircase on the Superman tower had to be shifted over 8 inches in order to accomidate Lex Luthor. The tower will sway up to two feet in each direction because of the wind and the car’s of Superman.

  4. Eric

    02/19/2012 at 6:59 pm

    Nice work, Kurt. Yours are the best SFMM updates on the web in my opinion.

  5. Evan

    02/19/2012 at 7:02 pm

    Although the pump house is old, they did recently spend a ton of dollars before Log Jammer was gone for a new pump. I have a feeling the 2013 ride will have the lake but the rock facade may get a touch up along with the outside of the Pump House.

  6. Eric

    02/22/2012 at 10:39 am

    I just took another look at this update and have another comment or two…

    The last time I looked, I didn’t notice which of Green Lantern’s cars was running empty. Car No. 3 (shown here) is rumored to be the one that flips more than the others. Why, I don’t know, but heard that from someone who has ridden all five of them and would likely know.

    Has anyone taken a ride on Gold Rusher without the Log Jammer flume in place? That made for some serious headchoppers, but without it I wonder what it’s like now. I guess I’ll just have to get out there and find out. But it will be interesting to see how Gold Rusher interacts with any new attraction in that spot in future years.

    • Kurt

      02/23/2012 at 6:30 pm

      I took a ride on Gold Rusher last weekend. I was hoping to get a better look at some of the changes being made up close and personal, but I didn’t see much. You really aren’t on that side of the mountain for very long. Once you drop down the hill, it’s just that quick little turnaround and you’re on your way back out. I don’t feel like the removal of the flume took anything away from the ride. It’s still a fun little coaster.

  7. Ryan

    02/24/2012 at 8:59 pm

    Hey Kurt,

    I just read a scathing review of SFMM on claiming the park is falling into disrepair again. Have you noticed or are you concerned with a decline in the park standards recently. Thanks

    • Kurt

      02/24/2012 at 11:05 pm

      I read the review when it was posted earlier today. He’s not really saying anything that people haven’t already said many times over the years. Could the park be in better shape? Yes. Could the park personnel be friendlier? Yes. Is the park currently in the worst condition it’s ever been? Not even close. I think he’s just one of many people, myself included, who see the potential in what the park could be and are very frustrated that the people who actually run it don’t. Or if they do, they aren’t allowed to act on the necessary changes.

  8. Troy

    02/25/2012 at 12:12 pm

    Hey Kurt,
    A bunch of people are claiming over at TPR that they heard a mechanic at the park say that the new ride was gunna be a multi launched coaster with the tallest loop in the world. It’s conflicting with something I heard from a park personnel and what you predict as well, a Giga-Coaster. Have you heard anything about a multi launch, or are you still hearing the giga rumors? I hope its a giga personally.

    • Kurt

      02/26/2012 at 8:16 am

      I’m still hearing giga, but who knows? Nobody’s sources know for sure, so until the park puts out an official announcement it’s all just speculation. As long as it has lots of airtime, I’ll be happy. When I hear record-breaking loop, I think OTSR, which makes me sad.

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