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Sneak Peek Behind The Full Throttle Construction Wall

By on 02/18/2013

Six Flags Magic Mountain Full Throttle Logo

While at Six Flags Magic Mountain today, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time to catch a glimpse behind the Full Throttle construction wall. I didn’t really see anything very exciting, but it does provide a new perspective and a view we haven’t seen yet.

One thing I noticed shortly after arriving at the park was that Full Throttle construction was underway. Since it was President’s Day, and many of us had the day off, I wasn’t expecting to see any work being done. That’s good news for those of us waiting for this coaster to open:

Full Throttle Construction Update

As we were leaving the park, I heard some heavy machinery moving towards one of the construction gates and I sensed that they were going to open it. Sure enough, about a minute later, both the inside and outside construction gates opened:

Full Throttle Construction Update

Two pieces of construction equipment crossed the walkway into the construction area:

Full Throttle Construction Update

They left the gates open long enough for me to snap a couple of shots with my cell phone. Like I said above, there really isn’t much to see, but it does provide a different view. This next shot is taken looking across the front of the old Palace Games arcade:

Full Throttle Construction Update

Looking to the right, you can see just how much space there appears to be to work with before you reach Full Throttle off in the distance:

Full Throttle Construction Update

With all that open space, perhaps we will see a new flat ride or two. What do you think?

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  1. Eric

    02/18/2013 at 6:36 pm

    As wonderful as it would be to see some new flat rides in this new area, I suspect that the park has other plans. They’ve said during previous West Coast Bash sessions that flat rides really aren’t in their plans. Personally, I think it will more entertainment and other ways for guests to part with their cash.

    Thanks for the sneak peek, though. You got lucky to be able to get a look inside there.

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