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Discover Cardmembers Get Exclusive Ride Time At Select Six Flags Parks

By on 03/14/2013

Discover Exclusive Ride Time

As the official credit card of Six Flags, there are already many benefits that Discover cardholders receive while visiting a Six Flags theme park, such as purchase discounts and early entry. For all of 2013, you can add Exclusive Ride Time, or ERT, to that list.

Throughout the 2013 season, participating Six Flags parks are offering ERT on select rides on specific days. Just show up at the scheduled date and time, with your park admission and a Discover credit card, and you will get a wristband granting you admission to the special event. As of this writing, the parks that already have scheduled ERT are as follows:

  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas
  • Six Flags Over Texas
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
  • Six Flags New England
  • Six Flags St. Louis
  • Six Flags Great America

The three parks that are conspicuously absent on this list, at least in my opinion, are Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Great Adventure, and Six Flags Over Georgia. My first thought was that the busier parks might not want to hold an event that might interfere with normal park operations, but both Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Great America are busy parks and they’re holding events. I also noticed that most of these events are being held before the parks even opens, so there shouldn’t be a disruption to normal park operations. Additionally, a park like Six Flags Magic Mountain, which is open year round, could easily schedule ERT events during the off-season when things are much slower. I would think you would want to hold events like this to bring more people into the park during the slower times.

You can read more about these special Discover Exclusive Ride Time events, as well as see the already scheduled dates and times at each park, on the official Six Flags web site. The disclaimer says that additional events may be scheduled throughout the season, so perhaps we’ll see some of the missing parks added to the roster.

Even if you don’t participate in one of these events, you should always carry your Discover card with you when you visit a Six Flags park. You never know when you’re going to be surprised with free goodies from Discover, but you must have your card on you to win.


  1. Dane. P

    03/14/2013 at 10:38 pm

    This sucks amusement parks and financials have nothing in common. This is terrible for the rest of us, because it allows people to cut in front of us in lines just because they use discover. This is totally unfair.

    • The Coaster Guy

      03/14/2013 at 11:05 pm

      Keep in mind that most of these events take place before the park even opens, so nobody will be cutting in front of anyone. Besides, why not just get your own Discover card and take advantage of the event?

    • Eric

      03/15/2013 at 1:09 am

      If Discover is a park sponsor, then they can do whatever they like. I no longer have any credit cards, so this is not to my advantage, but there’s nothing wrong with any of this. It’s a perk, not unlike allowing people to purchase a front of the line pass and getting to ride without a wait.

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