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Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report For 26 Apr 2013

By on 04/27/2013

This is a combination Six Flags Magic Mountain trip report from two separate trips to the park, on April 26th and April 27th. We didn’t get a chance to ride X2 on Friday, so we thought we’d swing by for a quick ride first thing Saturday morning and ended up staying awhile.

Friday, April 26

All of the flags in the main Six Flags Plaza are back at full mast. The entry looked great:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

This part of Tatsu almost looks vertical from this angle:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

The poor flag at the top of the Sky Tower must just take a beating all day long from the high winds that it’s constantly subjected to. It addition to the tattered side, it looks like it is now developing a hole in it as well. But it still looks great from a distance, as seen above:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Revolution was looking great with its white track poking in and out of the dark green trees:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

I thought for sure that Jet Stream would be looking better this week after all of those chemicals were dumped into it last week that almost knocked me out, but it’s not. We wanted to ride it but didn’t want any of that water splashing on us, so we passed:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

With the temps back into the 80’s and 90’s, there were lots of people riding Roaring Rapids:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

All of the old Log Jammer logs were moved from the front of the park, by the old monorail maintenance building, to the back of the park behind Apocalypse:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Whoever said that the recent electrical work that was done on the side of Laughing Dragon was going to be for vending machines was spot on. Should we be concerned that they’re adding more vending machines that don’t need employees? Personally, I’d rather see a food cart in this area with more food/snack options, in addition to drinks:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Superman was running the left side while we were there. We tried to ride it, but the line was backed up to the Fortress entrance, so we decided to move on to another ride:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Gold Rusher was open and was a walk-on with two trains running:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Most of the flat rides were walk-ons, like Scrambler here:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

I just don’t understand why people think it’s ok to deface other people’s property. Nothing the park can really do about this other than try to fix it when they can:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Apocalypse was only running one train and had a 30-45 minute wait, so we moved on:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

After being allowed to sample some amazing hot wings during a hard hat tour, being crafted for a new food location in the upcoming Full Throttle area, I decided to finally try the boneless hot wings at Totally Kickin’ Chicken. Not to sound overly harsh, but they were probably the worst food I’ve ever had at this park. I had one bite of one piece and could barely swallow that. They were nothing but dry, breaded chicken strips that had way too much BBQ sauce slathered on them. They were nothing like I was expecting at all and I ended up having to toss them all out. To be fair, the french fries were actually quite good:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

How sad is it that a garbage can can be so clean that it looks totally out of place and catches your eye? That’s exactly what happened here. I wouldn’t normally post pics of garbage cans, but this one was just so…CLEAN…that I can’t help myself! They should all look like this:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Had a couple of great rides on Colossus. It was running amazingly smooth:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

The poor General Sam Tree in Bugs Bunny World is really getting beat up by the weather. What used to be nice branches are now nothing more than bare wires sticking out. I also noticed that several areas down at ground level where chunks had been taken out were filled in with what looked like foam sealant and then painted over, so at least that helps:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

As we were exiting the park at closing, there were lots of people on their way into the park. There was a private event held last night for a few different companies:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Took my first ride on the Goliath bus on the way back to the parking lot:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

As we got in the car, there was a bird a few stalls away that started pecking at a McDonald’s bag somebody had left on the ground:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

The bird was smart enough to flip it upside-down and start shaking it to empty it out. After sorting through all the pieces, he grabbed a wrapper with something in it and took off:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Who said birds aren’t smart? As entertaining as that was to watch, it should never have happened. Please don’t just leave your trash in parking lots for other people to clean up!

Saturday, April 27

As I mentioned above, we were just going to make a quick stop today to ride X2 right at opening, but ended up staying longer. As soon as we rounded the corner to the parking toll booths, we saw this:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Normally, I can deal with crowds. However, there was something at play here that really got my day off on the wrong foot. Not every toll booth was open, but none of the lanes were blocked off. Therefore, people didn’t know that the lane they were in might not lead anywhere. Once they finally got towards the front, they realized that they needed to merge into another lane. This is not a good first impression to make on a park guest. If a toll booth isn’t being used, you need to block that lane off so people can’t pull into it. My lane was open, but other lanes were merging into it up front, so we were going nowhere really fast.

Fortunately, we were there early enough that we still made it to the Gold Pass gate right after it opened and headed straight to X2. The gate at the bridge was closed because the ride wasn’t open yet. This is what the growing crowd looked like in the X2 plaza as we were waiting:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

I asked the lone employee in the area if they would be walking us down to the X2 queue in an orderly fashion once the gate opened, but he said no. He was the only employee there and wouldn’t be able to control the crowd. He said I should just stand as far off to the side as possible if I was worried about getting run over. I told him I wasn’t concerned about that, but rather preserving my space in line. He just apologized and said there was nothing he could do about that.

As predicted, it was a mad rush once the gate opened. My son and I kept up with the crowd and preserved a pretty decent spot once we got to the queue. As we approached the station, they split the line and we were among the first people to be directed to the far side of the station, up the stairs. As luck would have it, we were able to catch the very first train of the day, and the very first row to boot, so all was well in the end. However, the park should really reconsider how they’re handling that crowd. Their current process is asking for trouble.

As we came off the ride, this is what the entry to the parking toll booths looked like:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Had I checked their events schedule on their web site, I would have seen that today was both Music in the Parks and Miss Dance Drill Team USA. It was a given that today was going to be busy had I only looked. You can see their events calendar here.

I don’t know if this was new or not, because I typically don’t wait in the lines, but I was tickled to see the old Warner Bros. cartoons being played in the Goliath queue. What a great tie-in between Six Flags and WB. Everybody likes cartoons, whether or not they admit it:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

For those who don’t know, you can now get Dole Soft Serve (aka Dole Whips) in Food, Etc.:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

They even asked me if I wanted any fresh fruit toppings, but I didn’t see a menu board to tell me if it was extra or not, so I passed:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

They only offer two flavors, pineapple and mango. They dropped the strawberry flavor they were offering last year at What the Fried?. They also changed the cups they are served in. Last year was a full size, drinking cup. This year is a very small cup, but they serve the Whip piled high in the cup. The problem I have with this is that today was really hot and they started to melt before we even got to a table, and the cup isn’t big enough to hold the product as it started to melt. You can see here that they’re already running over the edges:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

I started to scarf mine quickly before it melted even more and ran all over the table. This gave me a very quick brain freeze, not to mention that I couldn’t enjoy it eating it that fast. I hope somebody in the park sees this and has them switch back to larger cups to remedy this situation. On a positive note, they were absolutely delicious!

Can someone tell me when they got rid of the drinking fountains at Colossus? I was thirsty as we were heading to Colossus today and I remembered they had drinking fountains. However, when we got there, they were gone. To be honest, I can’t remember how long ago it was that I last saw them, so it might have been awhile, but this is where I remember them being:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

This next item is something that I posted on my Facebook page today that generated a lot of discussion. It’s a menu board that I saw in Food, Etc. as I was ordering lunch. There was a mistake on the board, with the word “Tacos” being displayed instead of “Nachos.” The park was aware of the mistake and this was how they fixed it:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

It was suggested that I should alert Guest Relations to the problem and they’ll fix it right away, they just need to be told about it. My stance is that the park already knows about the problem and what you see above is their “fix.” What do you think? Could the park have come up with a better fix, or is this good enough and I shouldn’t have said anything?

Because I knew it was going to be crowded in front of the Golden Bear Theatre, with the events being held, we took a shortcut through Bugs Bunny World. As you can see, despite the rest of the park being really busy, it was completely dead through here:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report

Be sure to check out my Full Throttle Construction Update #16 for the latest there. As a bonus, here’s a better shot I got of the Palace Games building today:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Full Throttle Construction Update

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the update. Because the Miss Dance Drill Team USA event continues through tomorrow, I will not be going to the park. However, don’t forget about the Tatsu ERT tomorrow morning for season pass holders.


  1. Looper

    04/27/2013 at 8:07 pm

    I get so bothered by those that like to deface other people’s property. I would like to carve “loser” on their foreheads. I would love to comment on each photo but way so many as great trip report. Love that shot through X2 with line of cars and seeing perhaps my car in Valet parking awaiting me.

  2. Sean

    04/27/2013 at 8:12 pm

    They got rid of the drinking fountains in the line recently, because my last visit they were still there. But you didn’t miss anything because it would always overflow, and it was extremely dirty and old, so I hope they are being replaced.

    • The Coaster Guy

      04/27/2013 at 8:15 pm

      I think RMC throws in a pair of commemorative drinking fountains with every Iron Horse package you buy. 😉

      • Sean

        04/27/2013 at 8:59 pm

        Haha, good one! I can’t wait to see a sign like they did with Rattler in SFFT. Come ride Colossus, before it (I guess) Slithers away!

        • Likegreenlantern

          04/28/2013 at 11:38 am

          I think colossus would be better if the first drop would of been more slopped than a straight line. When it first opened it was said it would of been the worlds largest coaster and people thought it would be really fun. It didn’t live up to it’s full fun potential because it went to slow. A news cast even agreed with that after doing a report on the opening day. If I know about physics it’s because of that first drop.

  3. Anthony Stamps

    04/27/2013 at 10:08 pm

    about that menu, i think that maybe they just noticed the mistake today so they really could do nothing else about it, and that “correction” might have been an employee that wanted to fix it the easy way just until they can get a new one or something else. But tell me, what is better, close the location the wholoe day so people don’t get confused with the steak tacos and get people angry because its closed, or just keep the location in service with a a little temporary fix?

    • Brendan

      04/28/2013 at 3:00 pm

      They could have just as easily covered the word “Tacos” by placing a strip of white paper over it and writing “Nachos.” While still a temporary fix, it sure would have looked a heck of a lot cleaner than what they did. I think Kurt was just irritated that it looked so sloppy when there could have been another easy, clean fix like this.

    • The Coaster Guy

      04/29/2013 at 10:02 pm

      Close the location? Why in the world would they need to do that?!? It would have been better to do nothing and politely inform anyone who ordered that item of the misprint. It certainly would have drawn less attention to it because people like me who were ordering something else from the menu probably would never even have noticed it. Fortunately, it sounds like the park fixed it rather quickly, so kudos to them!

  4. Likegreenlantern

    04/28/2013 at 11:07 am

    I tell ya, seagulls are going to take our jobs from people like me that do jobs for cheap. What a shame.

  5. Likegreenlantern

    04/28/2013 at 11:12 am

    Awesome photo of lex and superman together! Those pictures are rare and hard to get! You lucky son of a seagull! Keep up the awesome work! Also your lucky to have all those soda vending machines. There’s virtually none at sfga. There you have to pay a fourtune for a soda or water. Plus I swear someone mentioned a Goliath bus in some comment awhile ago.

    • The Coaster Guy

      04/29/2013 at 10:03 pm

      I’m sure I’ve mentioned the Goliath bus before, but this was my first time riding on it.

  6. Andrew

    04/28/2013 at 7:25 pm

    Went to the park today and it was DEAD! I rode X2, Tatsu, Superman, Goliath, and Lex Luthor twice and everything else once and was out before 4! X2 only had a 15 minute wait in the afternoon, Tatsu was 30 min all day and everything else was shorter than that! A fantastic day to be at the park!

  7. Sean

    04/28/2013 at 9:23 pm

    Went to the park today, and got quesedillas, and I was happy to see that the sign in Food ETC. was fixed.

    • The Coaster Guy

      04/28/2013 at 9:28 pm

      Really? Nice! You didn’t happen to get a picture of it, did you?

      • Sean

        04/28/2013 at 10:15 pm

        No, I’m so sorry, but I went in especially to checkout the sign, and a brand new one was placed in.

  8. Ezra

    04/28/2013 at 10:12 pm

    I went on the 26th and it was unbelievably dead. Everything was a walk on. X2, Ninja, Goliath, Apocalypse, Batman, Riddler’s, Scream!, Colossus, Superman, and Viper. I loved it! I wish we would’ve crossed paths though. On a side note, did you notice that LLDOD was stalled at the top fully loaded for about twenty minutes? Also both Towers were swaying a lot. I also noticed that Jet Stream broke down for twenty minutes because of boast stack up. I was in line almost on the ride before the incident happened. Thank you for the wonderful updates Kurt! Till next time, this Ezra, checking off.

    • The Coaster Guy

      04/29/2013 at 10:04 pm

      No, I did not happen to notice Lex being stuck that day.

  9. James Z (not the other James)

    04/29/2013 at 4:06 am

    Not sure you meant it, but this update really took an accurate assessment of the average guest visit to this park, and it really just makes me shake my head as to how this typical experience is “okay” to the people that run and own this place. Don’t get me wrong, I love this park. I am just blown away at how its quality has deteriorated.

    One thing I will never understand about Six Flags is their (almost) refusal to adapt the WB Looney Toons characters into their parks the way Disney does. They’ve done okay with the superheros (although cardboard cutouts don’t really do it for anyone). IMO, they have the second most popular licensed characters in all of cartoon land! There’s no reason Bugs Bunny shouldn’t be the Pepsi to Disney’s Coca-Cola Mickey!

    The parks poor crowd control, the excuse for bad ride capacity, the removing of water fountains, the lackluster parking booth organization line to end up handing over $15, the employees literally admitting “yeah it sucks for everyone, but the fact is it’s free-for-all and there’s nothing I can do about it” just underlines the poor infrastructure this firm has on not only its parks, but the handling of its demographic.

    “I’ve got an idea! Lets let rowdy teens, who are our main demographic, and excited about an attraction, run like a pack of hyena’s to the front of the line of a ride that we open a half hour after the park opens it’s gates!”

    Mind boggling the things that fly in a multi-million dollar entertainment atmosphere.

    • The Coaster Guy

      04/29/2013 at 10:05 pm

      FYI…parking is now $17 at SFMM, but at least that is still less expensive than a couple of their other parks.

    • Brandon

      05/02/2013 at 9:49 am

      Honestly those water fountains in the Colossus queue had seen better days. They had become rusting, leaking messes. I support their move to simply remove those fountains instead of letting them sit.

      That said, the placement of two boxes covering the plumbing might mean they are planning to replace the old-school 70’s style spigots with something else…or not.

      One thing that is interesting about Colossus is that they have taken out so much of the queue railing so when it actually does get busy, the line overflows out into the walkway.

  10. XYZ

    04/29/2013 at 8:19 pm

    I grew up with those meal-stealing seagulls. They are very smart thieves.

    Also, it would be nice if more Looney Tunes cartoons are shown on the TV. They are fun to watch and makes the line a little easier to cope with.

  11. Brandon

    05/02/2013 at 10:23 am

    About the “dark water” on Jet Stream…

    Much of the brown you see is the color of the concrete bottom of the reservoir and non-fiberglass flume sections. Additionally, most water attractions will have a a non-toxic dye added to the water to give it a bluish hue. While flowing it improves the clarity of the water, but in large ponds it makes it seem dark blue/green.

    I remember working at The Adventuredome here in Vegas when I was in H.S. and every day they’d pour a couple gallons of dye in the water.

    Now if you want to see some really murky water, take a trip to Six Flags Over Texas – El Asseradero can be very brown, even as it flows along the light blue flume. It’s safe due to the chlorine, but who wants to sit in brown water?

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