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Great American Thrills Pitches New Television Show Concept

By on 02/07/2014

If you are as big of a roller coaster enthusiast as I am, then you’re probably wanting to ride coaters all the time. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, you probably also have a day job that makes that pretty difficult. Therefore, we do the next best thing and watch online videos of roller coasters as often as we can. Our friends over at Great American Thrills want to take that experience to the next level by producing a television show that showcases the great amusement parks found all over the United States.

Kris Rowberry and Nicholas Laschkewitsch, producer’s of the popular “Lost Parks of Northern California” series, would travel the country looking for that next big thrill, based on suggestions and recommendations sent to them by their fans via social media, using the #GreatAmericanThrills hashtag. “Other shows may use hashtags or handles, but we’re the first one to utilize the medium to this level,” said Laschkewitsch. “In the process, we’re getting the authentic park experience from the people that know parks the best – their fans.”

“We noticed that most ‘coaster shows’ have featured the same three parks,” said Rowberry. “We want to tell the stories and meet the people of the other 99% of amusement parks here in America.” Contributors to the show have the opportunity to join in on the fun: if their post is chosen, they get an automatic invite onto the show – which offers the chance to be on TV.

“But we can’t do this show alone,” said Rowberry. “We need fans of coasters and travel shows to tell their favorite cable networks they want to see Great American Thrills® on the air this summer!”

Here is their official “pitch” video for the concept:

If you have a special ride at your local amusement park that you’d like to see them cover, send them a tweet. However, if you’d ever like to see it show up on TV, then contact your cable network and ask for Great American Thrills!

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