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2014 Fright Fest Preview At Six Flags Magic Mountain

By on 08/21/2014

Six Flags Magic Mountain debuted their 2014 Fright Fest plans tonight, and it looks fantastic! The park invited us out to show off what they have up their sleeve for the upcoming 2014 Fright Fest season, and it’s quite impressive. The 2014 Fright Fest is benefiting from the largest capital investment in the history of Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

The event was a “black carpet” affair, held in the Magic Moments Theater:



Yep…looks like we’re in the right place:


Six Flags was not monkeying around with this announcement! OK, maybe they were…a little bit. There were various characters roaming the theater, entertaining (scaring!) us while we waited:


The event began at 6:00 pm and took up the entire stage:


Neal Thurman, Magic Mountain’s Director of Park Operations, was the emcee for the night:


Joining Mr. Thurman on stage was a Fright Fest panel consisting of Fright Fest Producer Scott Sterner, Production Designer Mark Wing, Head Make-up Designer Scott Ramp, and Program Manager Tony Brauner:


The first announcement was a listing of all the scare zones that would be returning this year, including Zombie Xing, Exile Hill, Wastelands, Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy, and the most popular scare zone, City Under Siege. All of the zones have been enhanced with new lighting effects and even some new pneumatic props. The Traveling Scare Squad is also being expanded this year, and there will be no place to hide. They will pop up in the most unlikely places, even the ride queues:


Demon’s Door, which is located just inside the front gate, is getting two new characters this year; the Queen and her demonic warrior protector:


Brand new for 2014 is Ravenstitch. It was described as a “western-esque steam punk area with a society of ravens and scarecrows.” I met one of the birds later and he was quite friendly:


Next up were the mazes.

“Our mazes include theatrical style sets, special effects, and I’ll tell you that we have absolutely raised the bar like never before on the quality of our 2014 mazes.”  – Neal Thurman

The most popular mazes will be returning this year, including Willoughby’s Resurrected, Chupacabra, and Total Darkness. Aftermath, the outdoor, post-apocalyptic, zombie infested maze, will also be back and have some new surprises this year:


Toys of Terror 3D, previously known by many as Jokester’s Hideout, will be back this year. It’s been completely revamped from end to end with amazing 3D effects, including the floor:


The first brand new maze announced was The Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness. “Do you dare roam the haunted garden of the Willoughby’s?” You’ll encounter man-eating plants and evil aberrations. The Willoughby’s youngest, Innocence, is also always looking for a new playmate, so beware. This will be located in the old Black Widow maze location, now making all of Samurai Summit part of the Willoughby’s estate:


To continue with the Willoughby’s theme up on Samurai Summit, Fright Feast will also be returning in 2014. In addition to the all-you-can-eat buffet, there will also be a Fright Fest themed illusionist/magic show, featuring Michael Turco from the amazing Magic & Mayhem show that ran all through summer.

The second new maze to be announced was Vault 666. It is a recently discovered abandoned facility with secrets of the unknown. Think of it as a genetics lab gone wrong. Located in the back half of the Full Throttle food services building (former Palace Games), it is one of the largest indoor mazes. We were given a walk-through tour of maze later in the evening:


The most anticipated new maze of the year is Red’s Revenge. The story is that Little Red Riding Hood went to the villagers for help with her sick grandmother. Nobody would talk to her, much less help her, so she returned home, only to find that her grandmother had been slaughtered by the wolf. Red is now out for revenge. Her and her demonic minions will be hunting you, as a villager, and the wolf:


Red’s Revenge is the largest indoor maze that Six Flags Magic Mountain has ever built for Fright Fest. In fact, they built a brand new building just to house this maze and a new road leading to it backstage. The maze starts with you entering the village:


After the village, you head into Red’s cottage:


Once in the cottage, you eventually wind up in Red’s room, presumably where you don’t want to be:


As far as rides go, for the first time in decades, Colossus will NOT be running backwards. I know, shocker, right? However, X2 will once again be transformed into Area 19, including full audio.

For entertainment, VooDoo Nights is back on the Full Throttle stage. With a cast of 20, VooDoo Nights will have live music, a DJ, and lots of dancers. It’ll be a high energy party starting at 7:00 pm every night:


The hypnotist will also be returning to the Golden Bear Theater during Fright Fest.

Last but not least, Witch Hazel’s Kids Crafts will be returning for the little tikes this year, as well as the Trick-or-Treating event, with all candy provided by Snickers, of course.

Scott Ramp, the head make-up designer, got up and spoke about what it takes to transform actors into characters every night. With 22 years of Fright Fest experience, he’s got it down to a science. Him and his team of 43 make-up artists apply full prosthetics to every walk-around character in the park. That’s over 100 people every night, and it takes them about 45 minutes to do each one. Additionally, they also apply the make-up to the 100’s of other scare actors, which takes them 5-15 minutes each. It’s a lot of work but they do a great job:


With the main presentation over, we were invited to do a walk-though of one of the new mazes, Vault 666. As is the case every year, we needed our Fright Fest wristbands to get into it:


Vault 666 was built in the back half of the same building that houses both Loaded Dogs and High Octane Wings, in the Full Throttle Plaza. It’s a permanent maze and the entrance looks fantastic:


We were given a private tour of the maze. It was a construction tour, so it wasn’t quite 100% yet, but it looked great. There were no actors in the building, but the special effects were turned on. Since the new mazes are using state-of-the-art technology, we still got quite a few scares, even without any actors. The tour started in the entrance to the long forgotten facility:


Long gone are the plain black walls in the mazes that are hokey and laughable. These are high-quality theatrical sets that make you feel like you’re walking through a real building:


What you won’t see are strategically placed technicians that are hidden out of sight and control various effects to maximize scares:


One of my favorite rooms was the blood-letting room. You’re going to love it:


I think we know where they’re getting all the blood from:


You’re not going to scare anyone behind that curtain, Gregg, we can see your feet:


Watch your step…this corridor is very uneven:


This is a great example of how they are using high-tech special effects to scare people. This ghoul is connected to a swinging arm that keeps him well hidden out of sight around a corner:


In a split second he flies around the corner and performs some additional special effects, scaring you as you are walking by. You won’t see him coming and I guarantee that you will jump:


I’m not sure where this guy went to medical school, but I think he’s doing it wrong:


Very cool effect of fog rolling out of a barrel:


After the tour, it was time to grab some grub and socialize:


Awesome table centerpieces. I like fog. I was advised by the park that I probably shouldn’t drink it:


They had several of the characters roaming around, interacting with us. This is my new girlfriend:


I absolutely love the clowns in City Under Siege, and this guy was no exception:


I don’t know what this guy’s problem is, but I steered clear:


One guest got really upset and made a scene when she found out they ran out of brains:


There’s no other way to put it, this guy just looked pissed off all night:


This is the winner for my favorite make-up job of the night. This guy was pulling the screw in his head and his skin would move and make squishy noises! Totally disgusting and I loved it:


I’d like you to meet a member of the new Ravenstitch community:


Here’s a group photo of all the awesome characters that entertained us during the event:


A bonus treat from the event was some delicious fresh fudge from the Six Flags Coaster Candy Company:


Something else new this year is the Monster Tour. Groups of up to 15 people will escorted around park to some of the most popular rides and all of the attractions, getting VIP front of line access to each of them. It’ll be the best way possible to experience 2014 Fright Fest.

The 2014 Fright Fest event at Six Flags Magic Mountain looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to experience it first hand. It starts on Saturday, September 27th and will run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night through November 1st. The park will be open until 1:00 am every Friday and Saturday night, and 11:00 pm on Sunday night.

I’m definitely going! Who else is looking forward to this?


  1. M. Smith

    08/22/2014 at 10:51 am

    Me too! Looking forward to it, I’m glad they are adding that last weekend in September. They are still doing the “rides in the dark”, where they turn off the track lights? (I think its Goliath, Viper, Apocalypse, others?)

  2. Francoise Swishy Salavarrieta

    08/22/2014 at 11:08 am

    I can’t wait!! I love it, plus I love that it’s included for season pass holders.

  3. josh.f

    08/22/2014 at 11:33 am


  4. josh.f

    08/22/2014 at 11:34 am


  5. Miklo De La Noche

    08/22/2014 at 12:40 pm

    they didn’t let me stay…. no wristband for this guy 🙁

  6. Kieran

    08/22/2014 at 10:14 pm

    WOW!!! I really wish I could go this year, but I’m going to Universal Studios (Alien vs Predator!). I have always been amazed at their great attention to detail in the make up. Personally, I think that their make up is better than Knott’s Scary Farm.

  7. Erik

    08/23/2014 at 10:31 am

    Can’t wait!

  8. Dane

    08/24/2014 at 9:41 pm

    When is sixflags planning on announcing its new rides?

  9. Jason

    08/24/2014 at 11:37 pm

    I’m hearing that numerous six flags parks including discovery kingdom may be getting some sort of super looper ride like u see at carnivals and county fairs.

  10. M. Smith

    08/25/2014 at 1:15 pm

    Was Discovery Kingdom affected by the 6.1 earthquake? How did the rides do?

    • The Coaster Guy

      08/25/2014 at 1:39 pm

      All animals and rides checked out safe and sound. The park opened on time that day.

  11. Chilton schilling

    08/27/2014 at 12:08 am

    What I have been reading, sounds like colossus might be getting a little “twisted” TC won’t just mean Thrill Capital for magic mountain on Thursday.

  12. Michael

    09/01/2014 at 3:04 pm

    I’m curious about X2, I sat in the front outside row on the right side, the side that goes by the gate where all the people in line see that side, and on the drop, it accelerated halfway through the drop and hurt my head legs and back throughout the ride, first time ever, do you think they need to check it out? I was told by the photo people with the X2 pictures that they redid some of it for more fun, by my experience I was pissed off and angry because the ride hurt and I loved it before. What do you think, was it just the seats, cause on the raven claw part, it felt like the train was going to fall off.

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