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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Trip Report For 6 Feb 2016

By on 02/09/2016

While I was at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this past weekend for a construction tour of The Joker, I had just enough time to take a quick lap through most of the park to see what was new. I didn’t have a lot of time, as I needed to get on the road home to L.A., but I was able to capture a few pics of the park for a quick update.

First of all, the weather was absolutely gorgeous while I was there. It’s days like this that make it really nice that this park is now open during the off-season. I love pulling up to the entrance and seeing this:

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Trivia question: Prior to working on The Joker, which attraction at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom did Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) build? (answer below)

Blue skies, palm trees, animals, and coasters…this park has it all:

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

I really like that they not only have a big park map board right out front, but that they also post which rides are currently down for the day (lower-right corner):

SFDK_TR20160206 - 3

Being in a theme park always puts a smile on my face:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 4

The dolphin fountain in the main plaza has been drained for awhile. It’s nice to see that the park is doing its part to help combat the California drought. However, I think they could do something to make it a bit less of an eyesore. For example, if they were to put in a layer of colored rocks, it would look a lot better and not have a negative impact on the fountain if/when they ever refill it:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 5

I love how Lakeside Family Games is covered by a giant blue shade. It provides a nice break from the sun while walking through, yet still lets some light in:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 6

The Hammerhead Shark was down for the day. I rode this for the first time during my last visit and really enjoyed it quite a bit:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 7

I really like how they have dedicated refill stations for your drink bottles. I hate waiting in line at a food location behind a bunch of people that just need drink refills. Conversely, I also hate waiting behind people ordering bunch of food when all I need is a drink refill. This is a great idea:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 8

While waiting for food at JB’s Smokehouse BBQ, I was quite surprised to see the employee cooking the meat on a small gas grill on the corner of the deck. Six Flags Magic Mountain now has five huge built-in commercial grills all around the park, including one at their JB’s location, so I wasn’t expecting to see them using a small, non-commercial grill here:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 9

As I reported in my last Six Flags Magic Mountain trip report, Six Flags is in the process of replacing all of their Panda Express food locations with an in-house brand of Asian cuisine restaurants called Chop Six. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will be getting their new Chop Six this year:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 10

Another big change coming to their food pavilion this year is a move of JB’s Smokehouse BBQ from the small location where it’s currently located alongside most of the other food locations, to the stand alone building that formerly housed the Primo’s Pizzeria location. The new name will be JB’s Barbeque and Sports Bar. It will feature indoor dining and cold beer, two things that park goers in California crave in the summer. It sounds like it will be very similar to the Full Throttle Sports Bar at Six Flags Magic Mountain, if you’re familiar with that, albeit a bit smaller:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 11

I usually like taking a stroll through the butterfly house while I’m there, but time was short so all I could do was wave as I walked by:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 12

I couldn’t help but notice that the garbage cans were not only larger that what I’m used to, but they were also beautifully painted and labeled. I think Magic Mountain needs to start putting these around their park:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 13

This is the first and only Skycoaster that I’ve ever ridden. It also happens to be the answer to my trivia question. RMC was contracted way back when to install this for the park:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 14

I did catch a show at Odin’s Temple of the Tiger:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 15

These big cats are incredibly graceful for how huge they are:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 16

Despite their size, they look like kittens when drinking milk from a baby bottle:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 17

I was fortunate enough to get to feed one of them, using a long stick of course:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 18

Seriously, check out the size of that paw:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 19

It was nice catching up with Captain Lee for a few minutes after the show. And yes, he still has all his fingers. After all, he is a professional (do not try this at home):

SFDK_TR20160206 - 20

Another drink filling station. Seriously, SFMM…let’s do this:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 21

This guy is so lifeless that if he wasn’t in a different position every time I was at the park, I wouldn’t believe he was real. Maybe they just move him around at night to make us think he’s real:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 22

For my first several trips to the park, the Tazmanian Devil was always closed and I could never ride it. Lately, it’s been open on just about every trip I make. This is a first generation Huss Frisbee and it’s quite fun. If you’ve never been on it, take it for a spin the next time you’re at the park:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 23

The one ride I absolutely did not want to miss this trip was the new Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, the new Larson Looper that went in this past year. Huh…doesn’t appear to be on the sign:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 24

It was easy enough to find as it sticks out like a sore thumb. Even though it’s not a coaster by the true definition, I still wanted to ride it. Unfortunately, as you can see, there was no train. It was closed for it’s annual maintenance cycle:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 25

There is a new food location across the midway from the Dare Devil ride called Daredevil Grill:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 26

(Is it “Dare Devil” or “Daredevil?” The sign on the ride says one thing and the grill says the other. Seems to be a lack of consistency here.)

One thing I really like about this park is all the cool artwork they have scattered around the park, like these elephants near the entrance:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 27

Of course, the animals are another huge advantage this park has over many others. How many places can you walk past an American Bald Eagle walking from coaster to coaster?

SFDK_TR20160206 - 28

I also got a chance to check out the new Pacific Rim 5D experience the park is adding this year. I posted a review with my thoughts. This is the somewhat hidden entrance to the theater:

pacific rim 5d

Don’t forget to stop by The Kingdom Market on your way out and pickup some cool gifts:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 29

Such an awesome view as you’re leaving the park:

SFDK_TR20160206 - 30

I have a Six Flags Season Photo Pass, but I’ve never tried using it outside of Six Flags Magic Mountain, until now. Looks like it works just fine at any Six Flags park:


My sincerest thanks to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Your kindness and hospitality always go above and beyond. I had a great time and can’t wait to come back to ride The Joker!!

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