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Thunderbird Hits 1,000,000 Riders At Holiday World

By on 06/26/2016

HW_TBird_1000000 - 6

The Thunderbird roller coaster at Holiday World celebrated its 1.000.000th rider on July 23, 2016. As luck would have it, this event occurred during the annual American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) gathering known as Coaster Con, and I just happened to be there when it happened. Unfortunately, I missed the honor by just one train.

As soon as I hopped off the train and the people behind me jumped on, the announcement was made that the 1,000,000th rider was on that train and that they would all get something special when it returned to the station:

HW_TBird_1000000 - 1

Since there’s not really an easy was of telling which of the 20 riders is the actual 1,000,000th rider, they were all treated as the 1,000,000th rider. They each got a very nice commemorative certificate marking the occasion, complete with which seat they were actually sitting in at the time:

HW_TBird_1000000 - 2

They were also given a certificate for a free Thunderbird Ice Cream:

HW_TBird_1000000 - 3

When the train returned to the station, they handed out the certificates:

HW_TBird_1000000 - 4

Everyone also posed with their certificates for a nice group photo from above:

HW_TBird_1000000 - 5

I was kind of bummed that I had just missed it by one train, however it was still cool that I was there to witness the event.

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