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Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report For 25 Aug 2016

By on 08/30/2016

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to do a full park trip report for Six Flags Magic Mountain. As luck would have it, I was there twice during the last two weeks, with one of them being one of the final days of weekday operations for the 2016 season. Since it had been quite awhile since I was there, some of the things I point out below might not be new changes, but they’re new to me since my last visit. The photos below are actually a combination of the two trips I made, so not everything was from the same day.

The first thing I noticed when approaching the security lines was that the banner across the top from a USA Today award had finally been removed. It was getting very weathered and was time to go:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 1

Fright Fest is almost here, just a couple of short weeks away:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 2

One of the days I was there was a Discover Card ERT night. All you had to do was show your Discover Card or Season Pass to get a wristband for the after-hours event. I didn’t know about it prior to arriving, and I already had plans that night, so I couldn’t stick around for it:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 3

It was hot with no wind, but an otherwise absolutely gorgeous day in the park:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 4

Another reminder of the Discover ERT. I’m not sure what ride it even was:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 5

My first stop was to take in one of the final performances of Kwerk in the Gearworks Theatre. This was a fun show and always nice to sit in the A/C for a little while:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 6

Great stage setup, lighting , and the dancers were fun to watch:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 7

One of the Kwerk acts was Chris Ruggiero. Among other things, this dude could juggle flaming batons while standing atop a large rubber ball. Impressive to see:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 8

Contortionist Tina Phoenix performing some aerial acrobatics:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 9

I met a friend at the park who was visiting Magic Mountain for the very first time. She works in the industry and wanted to ride as many roller coasters as possible. We started in the back of the park with Apocalypse, but unfortunately it was still closed for maintenance:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 10

We were able to get on Jet Stream for a quick cool down, and then take Gold Rusher for a quick lap. There were some pretty yummy smells coming from the grill at the Waterfront Commissary:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 11

The former outdoor theater where the Fright Fest maze Aftermath was located has been completely fenced off:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 12

Peeking through the fence, you can see that the theater has been completely demolished and there is absolutely no trace of it left at all:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 13

This is going to be the location of the brand new 2017 attraction that will be announced on September 1st. I already know what it is, but I can’t tell you, otherwise I’d have to kill you. Then the park would kill me, and I don’t want that, so check back here on September 1st to read all about it:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 14

We took a ride in the front row of The Riddler’s Revenge and I was blown away! That was probably one of the smoothest rides I have ever had on Riddler’s:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 15

The queue stanchions that were installed at Johnny Rocket’s to keep the crowds in line have been removed. I’m guessing this is just because the season is over and they won’t be necessary until next season:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 16

Looks like Six Flags was playing off the Olympic fever that everyone had:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 17

DC Universe is already starting to get wrapped in lights for both the upcoming Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park events:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 18

Many of the light strands have been installed at the top, but not strung down yet:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 19

My friend really wanted to ride Green Lantern, since this is the only place in the US you can ride one, but this line was also really long. It was backed out of the station and much of the outdoor queue was filled. I walked her up the Single Rider Line, thinking that at least she could ride it herself and I’d take pictures. However, they were really nice and popped both of us on the very next car together:

SFMM_TR20160826 - 4

It was actually a very pleasant ride, even though we never flipped once. We almost did on the very last hump going back into the station, but not quite:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 20

We tried going on Batman, but the line was out the sewer tunnel and filled into a couple of the switchbacks. That’s the longest I’ve seen it in a long while, and they were only running one train, so we decided to try back later:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 21

The DC Universe Plaza planter box was looking pretty decent, although I’m sure it’ll all be ripped out this next week as they install one of the Fright Fest stages over the top of it:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 22

We made our way down into the Screampunk District to ride both Scream and Twisted Colossus. Both rides were a total walk-on:

SFMM_TR20160826 - 2

As we made our way back to the front of the park, we hit both Lex Luthor and Goliath, again both were walk-ons.

Since she wanted to ride as many coasters as possible, I took her through Bugs Bunny World. We rode both Canyon Blaster and Road Runner Express, but they wouldn’t let us ride Speedy Gonzales. She said it was a weight issue, but we were the only two people there. I’ve ridden it before with a train full of kids, so I now that wasn’t an issue. However, we didn’t push it and moved on.

Anyone know what happened to the other Looney Tunes characters that used to be on this statue? I seem to recall it was the Tasmanian Devil, Sylvester, and Tweety:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 24

Pistachio Park is no longer branded/hosted by Wonderful Pistachios:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 25

Next up was Full Throttle, which only had about a 15 min wait:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 26

It still cracks me up that this ride is over and holding on the final brake run before the riders on the other train have even gotten off and left the loading platform:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 27

DJ AOne had the Full Throttle Nights MC duties the night that I was there:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 28

Velocity was putting on a killer show, as always:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 30

And the Full Throttle Dancers were also killing it, despite the incredible heat:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 29

Filling in for Ricky Rocks on drums that night was Marky D:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 31

We made our way over to The New Revolution next. She wanted to experience the VR, but the line was way too long. We hopped in the Single Rider Line again and immediately got on the next train w/o the VR gear. What a great ride without the OTSRs!

X2 was also still closed, so she didn’t get to experience that, but we did get right on Viper. There was nobody in line at all for that coaster:

SFMM_TR20160826 - 3

Heading up the hill, we rode Tatsu, Ninja, and Superman, all rather quickly:

SFMM_TR20160814 - 23

With Suicide Squad coming to Fright Fest this year, there were lots of signs:

SFMM_TR20160826 - 5

To close out the night, we went back over to Batman and found there wasn’t a single person in line! Not only did we get to ride in the front, but they also cycled us a second time because we were the last train of the night:

SFMM_TR20160826 - 6

Not a bad day! My friend was able to go on a whopping 15 roller coasters that day. Apocalypse and X2 were closed, and we couldn’t ride Magic Flyer or Speedy Gonzales. Other than that, we did them all. She had a good time.

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  1. Jimmy Tovar

    08/31/2016 at 9:21 am

    Thank you for this long awaited report Kurt. I was hoping you’d get a photo of the repainted Scream train. I here that one of them is repainted already.

  2. Ryan

    08/31/2016 at 10:15 am

    TELL US!!! you don’t seem to pumped up for what they r building

  3. Scott C.

    08/31/2016 at 10:27 am

    Great report Kurt. Riddler, front row…always a winner in my book. Anywhere else, not so much. In case you did not know, the single rider line on Revolution is no more. I found out the hard way on my trip last Friday. They said it was discontinued two days earlier. Very angry about that.

  4. Josh

    08/31/2016 at 2:34 pm

    Because its a justice league and he thinks that idea stinks too…;)

    • Ryan

      08/31/2016 at 2:52 pm

      That’s what I figured

  5. Erik

    08/31/2016 at 5:41 pm

    Feels good to see a report, and stoked to read it. Thanks Kurt, miss this stuff but glad to hear you’ve been keeping busy!

  6. James

    09/01/2016 at 5:12 pm

    Did they really take away the very neccesary Single Rider line for Revolution? If so thats not only stupid, but irrational. Guess I’m never going on Revolution again unless the wait is in the station.

    As for the report, well done Kurt! I always enjoy your rather thorough reports! Hope you’re doing well!

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