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Justice League: Battle for Metropolis Construction Update #1

By on 09/17/2016

Six Flags announced back on September 1st that Six Flags Magic Mountain would be getting a Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride as a major new attraction in 2017. You can read all of the announcement details here. Work has already begun on the construction of the new ride and I plan to document as much of it as I can as the work progresses. This is the first construction update of hopefully many as the ride is built from the ground up over the next several months.

I’m using the term “construction update” very loosely here. The park invited us out to see what they have done so far, but it’s mainly just site prep. And by site prep, I really just mean moving some dirt around, so don’t get too excited just yet. However, all construction projects need to begin somewhere, so let’s kick it off here. I should also point out for those who don’t know that this used to be where the old Batman Action Theater was located, which was most recently used as the Fright Fest maze Aftermath. It was completely demolished and the area was reduced to bare dirt.

As we entered the Justice League job site from the back, this view is looking out towards the plaza in front of The Riddler’s Revenge, where the entry to the Aftermath maze used to be:


Sweeping to the right, you can see the back of the Waterfront Commissary food location. All the concrete that was used to hold the water for the old “lagoon” has also been removed:


Continuing to the right, this was a pathway used as an exit for the theater and also backstage access:


I’m not sure what this building is used for, but it was the only one on the site that was spared. I’m thinking it might be an employee break room:


There’s not much to look at besides dirt. I did find it interesting that there are several holes dug on the site, much like they would do when preparing to set footers for a new roller coaster. However, you wouldn’t need those for a building. I would expect a solid concrete pad as the foundation:


Another angle of the job site:


Looking back the other direction, from where we entered the site:


The park shared something very cool with us. Using the Gear VR headsets like they use on The New Revolution, we were able to see a complete 360 degree artist rendering of the brand new Metropolis area of the park. This included what the front of the Justice League Hall of Justice will look like, as well as the portal to the newly re-themed area and a new concept for a food location. It looked amazing, especially at night!! Thanks for modeling the headset for me, Gregg:


Everything in that area of the park is going to get a refresh, including the Waterfront Commissary, which is in desperate need of a facelift:


I’m not sure how many of you will consider this sad news, but as part of all these changes the rock wall will be going away forever. I only recently climbed my first rock wall in Ireland and really liked it. I was looking forward to trying this one, but as an upcharge attraction I can’t say that I’m sad to see it go:


That’s it! I told you not to get too excited. Hopefully the future updates will be a bit more entertaining.

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  1. Steve Austin

    09/17/2016 at 3:18 pm

    Great report as always Kurt. I am going to guess that the little building that was spared will probably be used for like a construction trailer headquarters for this project.

  2. Steve

    09/17/2016 at 4:40 pm

    Nice update. I hope you are able to get some shots, once the structure is built, and we can really get a feel of the layout and track shape and how the ride moves through the building. I look forward to your updates. Hopefully heading there tomorrow, alone, do you have updated list of single ride lines, thanks in advance, Steve

  3. John Doe

    09/17/2016 at 6:41 pm

    Seems they are getting ready to pour concrete footers to hold the steel structure for the justice league building 🙂 I am very happy to see six flags finally update this area … that nasty puddles / wanna be lake & batman theater was bad ! … It is also nice to see them add another flat ride 🙂 I just wish six flags would add more then 1 at a time … They need one year to all at least 10 flat rides all around the park !

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