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Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report For 16 Jan 2017

By on 01/17/2017

It’s a brand new year, so it’s time for a brand new trip report from Six Flags Magic Mountain! These photos were taken on Monday, January 16th.

I was out of the country, traveling for business all last week, but I was told that it rained non-stop here in LA. You’d never know it today though, because the weather was absolutely gorgeous! It was a perfect day to spend in the park, with blue skies and cool temperatures:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 1

Despite the parking lot being very empty when I arrived just after 10:00 am, there were quite a few people already queued up in the entry plaza:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 2

At 10:21 am, after the Gold pass holder entry had already opened, the Gold line was still backed up to the Season Pass Processing building. Fortunately, they switched to the handheld barcode readers, so it didn’t take very long for the rest of us to get through the gate:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 3

If you’re not on the membership season pass program, then the start of the new year means that it’s time to get your new season pass. Be sure to get Gold so that you can get in early and laugh at all the regular Joes who are still stuck behind the main gate waiting to get in:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 4

There were still some tress wrapped with lights, but most of the Holiday in the Park (HIP) decorations have been removed. After months of Fright Fest and then HIP, the main Six Flags Plaza was suddenly looking a bit bare, but in a good way:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 5

The fountain has been drained so they can put the water jets back to their usual configuration. During Holiday in the Park they rig them to look like a giant water Christmas tree:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 6

The planter around the fountain has been cleaned out, ready for some Spring flowers. These brackets looked new, but I have no idea what they are for. It’s possible they’ve always been there and I just never noticed them due to all the plants:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 7

Some of the fake snow is still on the building roofs, left over from HIP:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 8

For a short period of time, The New Revolution will be running in “classic” mode, with no Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. I went straight there so I could check it out:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 9

Unfortunately, they ran into an issue during morning testing and it was down. They didn’t know how long until it was going to start running, so I moved on:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 10

I rode X2 twice, back to back, to start my day. It was actually running quite well, with the on-board audio and both flame throwers working perfectly:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 11

As I was exiting X2, I couldn’t help but notice the giant crane parked behind Viper. Not exactly sure what it rented for, but more on this later:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 12

I did take a quick spin on Viper and had my pick of seats:


Neither X2 or Viper had the on-ride photography active. I checked with the park and the contract that Six Flags had with Kodak has expired. However, they are in the process of bringing the photography services in-house, so you’ll soon be able to once again get a photo with your favorite Looney Tunes character or riding your favorite roller coaster.

Again, other than some lights on trees, all signs of HIP have been removed from the hill leading up to Tatsu. In past years, they had to remove all the leaves, scraping the plants down to bare branches to get all of the fake snow off. This year, it looks like they just took all the plants out. Hopefully they’ll replace them soon:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 13

Speaking of Tatsu, it is currently closed for refurbishment. From what I’ve heard, the crane behind Viper may have been brought in to get the Tatsu trains off the track so they can be transported back to the coaster shop for the annual teardown and rebuild:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 14

What is wrong with kids these days? Or is it that I just did all my stupid stuff before the Internet and social media existed? This kid was trying to walk across the top of the metal switchbacks in the Ninja queue. You know full well that if he fell and cracked his head open, his parents would have sued Six Flags for not providing a safe environment or something stupid like that:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 15

The off season means that lots of rides will be closing for annual rehab, so be prepared:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 16

There’s a lot of activity happening on the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis build right now. I posted a new construction update (here) with lots of photos. This photo was taken by Six Flags as the first piece went vertical:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 17

Image © Six Flags

As part of the Metropolis construction, several restaurants in the area are closed. There are signs on the midway directing people to other food options:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 18

The giant HIP Christmas tree has been removed from the DC Universe Plaza, but the arch is still covered with a dark metal façade:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 19

All of the HIP lights are slowly being removed from DC Universe. You can see that the Ace O’ Clubs building is back to normal, however the gift shop is still covered in lights:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 20

Lots of HIP items are still awaiting removal in the Screampunk District:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 21

With no stage shows scheduled in the Full Throttle Plaza for the next few months, they usually take the stage down. I assume they’ll do that again this year, but we’ll have to wait and see:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 22

I did head back over to The New Revolution and it was running. I was able to take a ride and enjoyed it quite a bit. I thought the VR was a neat idea at first, but I’m over it. I would not be disappointed if it didn’t come back. It was great to see everyone smiling, laughing, and screaming as they rode Rev without VR:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 23

I saw this for the first time last month. Not sure how long it’s been there, but it appears to be a separate gate that leads into the park from the entry plaza. They used to have a sliding door next to the Will Call booth that led into the park, so this may have replaced that:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 24

We don’t get a lot of rain here in SoCal, but when we do it really “greens” the place up. I found the contrast between the green grass and the blue sky stunning as I was heading back to my car:

SFMM_TR20170116 - 25

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  1. Rob Lemons

    01/17/2017 at 9:03 pm

    Thanks for the update, LOVE IT! Thanks!

  2. Steve J

    01/17/2017 at 9:49 pm

    Thanks Kurt. I rode Revolution classic style last week and loved it. Kind of hope they keep it this way for awhile.

  3. Andrew

    01/18/2017 at 1:41 am

    The are reinstalling Suicide Squad in DC Universe and keeping the Gleampunk District and Kwerkmas and Full Throttle Nights for a corporate event in February. Don’t expect those decorations to be removed anytime soon.

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