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HangTime Opens at Knotts Berry Farm

By on 05/23/2018

HangTime, the much anticipated dive coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm, has finally opened to the public. I wasn’t able to make it out during any of the soft openings or season pass previews, but I was able to get my first ride in during media night. The following photos were taken on Thursday, May 17th.

The HangTime media event took place in the evening, after the park closed, presumably so we could get a great feel for the incredible lighting package that was installed with this coaster. When I arrived, it was dusk and the event hadn’t yet started. However, the setting sun and dark blue sky provided some great photo opportunities of the new dive coaster:

The coaster colors are bright and vibrant and really goes well in the Boardwalk section of Knott’s Berry Farm:

Surfboards don’t lie…this coaster has some serious fun built into it:

The entrance to the ride is right in the middle of it. As you can see, there’s a lot of track twisting and turning all over the place:

The queue switchbacks may be long, and you may have to wait in line awhile, but at least you are directly under the coaster and get to watch the trains whisk by right over your head:

The theming is obviously coastal, and has been done quite nicely:

The entrance sign is beautiful when it lights up at night:

The Boardwalk Surf Shop is their new retail location and sits right next to the new coaster. It looks great at night as well:

The surfing theme continues inside and has a nice selection of merchandise:

The attention to detail inside this shop is fantastic. Even though it was pitch black outside, it’s always sunny with blue sky inside:

I was fortunate enough to catch a wave with everyone’s favorite beagle, Snoopy:

The event stage was setup with a great view of two of the ride’s big loops:

Snoopy took the stage first, with some of his dancing pals, to show off a bit of his upcoming summer show called Beach Blanket Beagle:

The park’s Vice President and General Manager, Jon Storbeck, took the stage next. He talked about the new ride and all the exciting things you can expect to find at Knott’s Berry Farm this summer:

After the fireworks and confetti were over, HangTime was officially open to ride:

Even though it was media night, the queue filled up quickly:

The theming is great and continues throughout the queue:

As I mentioned earlier, the great thing about the queue is that it’s directly under the coaster, so you get all sorts of cool views of it in action, like climbing the 150′ lift hill:

It’s really hard to tell in a photo, but the lights on the track are programmed to make it look like the train is surfing the waves. There’s a trail of green that follows behind the train, like it’s the water. Just behind the green is a splash of white, to simulate the crashing of the edge of the wave. I’ll hopefully get a video up soon so you can see it better:

There are so many twists and turns on this thing that it can be a bit disorientating:

The station has a very clean and contemporary feel to it, using natural woods:

This is a photo of me after my very first ride. I’m not going to lie…I was a bit shocked at how fun it was. I had no idea what I had just experienced:

After you leave the station, you literally exit through the gift shop. Don’t forget to grab a copy of your on-ride photo:

You can tell from my laughter that I was having way too much fun:

The ride is extremely well lit and looks absolutely gorgeous at night:

This was a cool light effect I saw on the ground as I was leaving that night:

Here is my official on-ride video. It was literally only the second time I had ridden it and I was still a bit speechless. If you’ve ever seen any of my other on-ride videos, then you know that I’m normally quite talkative. That’s just a testament to how much fun this coaster actually is:

Here is the opening ceremony for the ride:

If you haven’t had a chance to ride this yet, and you’re in the area, go ride it! If you’re not in the area, go book your plane ticket!

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  1. Eric

    05/24/2018 at 12:17 am

    A great ride for Knott’s! Glad you enjoyed it. I got a few rides on May 8 as a seat-filler with ACE at a media event. Still trying to figure out the layout. LOL!

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