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    Has anyone been “lucky” enough to get stuck on a ride? Better yet ever had to be evacuated from a ride. If so which one? I rode Colossus once and was stopped on the brake run after the 3rd drop. I was also operating the elevator at the sky tower when the wind shut it down half way up. Had to reset it and go back down at “inspection speed” which is 1 foot a second.

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    The Coaster Guy

    Colossus is the only ride that I remember getting stuck on at Magic Mountain. The train was running backwards for Fright Fest and we were in the very “last” row, which means we were looking out the back of the train with nobody in front of us. We had just finished the ride, and cleared the final few bunny hills, when we came to an abrupt stop on the final brake run. After several minutes, an employee walked up to keep us company. We were there for about 15 minutes while they fixed a problem in the station, but we were never evacuated. The brakes eventually released and we we coasted back into the station, and got a re-ride.

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    That sounds really familiar @thecoasterguy, that happened to me and my brother. At first I got stuck on Goliath 2 or three times on the lift hill and I thought that was all then the Colossus thing you said sounded like something that happened with me on the ride before. Then there was the best one ever, I got a rollback on FullThrottle in the third last row or the 2nd to last row, went flying into the loop and stopped at the top of the loop (going through it) and was upside down for like 2 maybe 3 seconds, once I realized we stopped at the center of the loop and started to roll back I started yelling ROLLBACK!!!! (I only knew of rollbacks from king da kong and top thrill dragster videos on youtube, and then I got stuck in the tunnel once or twice before them have to like push and pull the train, then eventually the reverse thing happened and we flew through the tunnel over the top of the loop and back to the station.

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      The Coaster Guy

      My only rollback on any coaster was also on Full Throttle. I wrote up a blog post about the experience. You could actually feel one of the magnets misfire during the launch, but it wasn’t until we were almost near the top of the loop and slowing rapidly that my mind put the pieces together enough to realize we weren’t going to make it and roll back.

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    I got stuck on Viper once in the final brake run right before the station. It was blazing hot, we had no water, and we were there for at least 20 minutes. On top of that I accidentally tightened my restraints too much. An operator came up to us and was about to evacuate us, but they got the ride started up again a few minutes later. I felt bad for the people stuck on the lift hill.

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    I’ve been stopped on Full Throttle more times than I can count. Definitely not comfortable sitting with those shin guards pressing in.

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      The Coaster Guy

      Those shinguards are not comfortable at all! That’s why I’m glad the RMC trains for Twisted Colossus have rounded cutouts in the shinguards where your legs go so they don’t cut into you.

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    I was on Superman when it broke down. This was before 2011, so the trains were facing forward.

    The launch had some sort of malfunction. It launched us normally, but as we were heading back toward the station I noticed that we weren’t slowing down as much as usual. We flew through the station backwards – not at full speed, but not slowly either. Probably around 30 mph. We flew through the black plastic flaps that hang down at the back of the station and onto the emergency brakes. The brakes stopped us very suddenly. It wasn’t painful, but I’m glad that we had headrests to prevent whiplash. The ride ops used a winch to tow us back into the station, which took at least 15 minutes before we could get off the ride.

    Since Superman’s conversion in 2011, they removed the plastic flaps, so now you can see into the emergency brakes.

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