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    I’ve been thinking for a while, and I had a great idea for the Full Throttle ride during Fight Fest. Why don’t they do something similar to Colossus and give it a spider theme? I mean, the ride already looks kind of like spider web, and they could use the inflatable spider from Colossus on the canopy. They could even make a new video for the big screen with spiders/ movie monsters, or with their own story. I think it would even be pretty cool to invest in that blacklight lighting package they were testing out when Full Throttle first opened. Add a new audio track in the tunnel, a little fog, and some strobe lights and bam, you got yourself a pretty good Fright Fest attraction in my opinion. 😀 Anyone else have any ideas?

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    Sounds awesome man. Unfortunately from what I heard, the Spider popped from high winds about a year ago, I think I heard it from thecoasterguy and I think he had a picture of it deflated or something, that or I am completely wrong, but I do think it’s gone. Also the fog and blacklight is a great idea, I think there was fog at one point but I haven’t seen it again so maybe not.

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      No way! I didn’t know that. Oh well, It was an inflatable and those never last long, I guess.

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    The Coaster Guy

    I like the idea. I think it would be cool. The spider was deflated at one point, after some heavy winds, but I think they got it back up later. If not, I’m sure a new one could be gotten pretty easily. However, I think they’re still going to want to put it on the outside of Twisted Colossus, just because that really does look like a spider web from the passing freeway and garners a lot of attention.

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