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    By the title you already know what this discussion is gonna be about.
    Is a Giga a possibility for 2016?
    Now, first in foremost.
    Bonnie Rabjohn (President of Six Flags Magic Mountain) said to me personally at the Twisted Colossus Media Preview Day: “Your Gonna Love next year” she also said “We Promise you here at the thrill capital of the world we will be keeping you busy for many years to come” and i have heard from sources that she said “If you liked Twisted Colossus, your gonna love next year’ so, i know you all are thinking ‘well that could be anything’ but, in a recent Q&A with Six Flags Magic Mountain, Donald (director of ride operations) said: “As a company we usually invest 9% of the money we made into new rides. we don’t want wanna focus so much on one park and leave the other out because a giga coaster is a lot of money. but it is very possible that one of the three big parks: LA (Six Flags Magic Mountain) Chicago (Six Flags Great America) or New England (Six Flags New England) will be getting a giga coaster pretty soon!” because its the parks 45th anniversary next year, its very likely Six Flags Magic Mountain will be getting a giga next year!

    What are your thoughts?

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    The Coaster Guy

    I’m thinking they’re going to refurbish Revolution and not add anything new. But that’s just a guess! 😉

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    Late response- but I’ve heard rumors that within the next 10 years, they will build a parking structure where the current overflow parking is, and build three new coasters in the current lot. Not sure how valid this is, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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