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New Rides/Attractions for the 2016 season?

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    What do you think that will be new or added to the new 2016 season? A new rollercoaster or flat ride etc? what do you want to see for the upcoming 2016 season. I would like to either see a wing coaster or a giga coaster.

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    The Coaster Guy

    SFMM has been getting a new roller coaster every other year: 2011 (Green Lantern), 2013 (Full Throttle), and 2015 (Twisted Colossus). If that pattern holds, then we should probably expect some sort of flat ride. However, other than Lex Luthor, SFMM hasn’t shown much interest in adding new flat rides. If the new Larson Giant Loops that Six Flags is adding to four other parks this year proves to be successful, I could see SFMM adding one of those. Although technically a flat ride, it’s been marketed as a coaster, so SFMM could use it to up their coaster count once again. With the ride basically being a giant circle, I’m already envisioning the SFMM marketing materials promoting their unprecedented “20th” coaster with a picture of the loop as the ‘zero’ in “20th.”

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    As long as Viper is torn down as a result to make way for a spectacular 20th coaster I’m all for the giant circle.

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