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    Let me start off by saying…Why didn’t I buy this already! For a small fee of $35.00 plus tax..this is simply such a super deal. I frequent the park many times a year and never stop to take photos at the front, or by the ride photos, can get very expensive. We came with a large group yesterday and decided to buy a pic at the Jet Stream ride because the kids wanted one..and the staff member offered this deal. It took me all about 30 seconds to decide..why not!! So not only did we get the season pass, we also got a FREE print to go with it. (there is a daily pass for $30.00 if you don’t want to spend the extra $5). So we walked away with a photo for Jet Stream. You can collect all your Ride photos, Photos taken by the staff members at the front of the park and link them all to your photo pass. At the end of the night as we were at the Photo Shop and linking all of our individual passes together we were given the option to buy prints for $5.00 each instead of the regular $15.00. So we bought a few of those too!!!

    I am telling you peeps…if you like to get ride photos..or take photos at the front by the park staff…this pass is sooooooooooooo worth it!

    You get 30 days to access your photos at home online, or by your mobile device. You can add borders and preposition the pics, shrink or enlarge them. You can also purchase more prints, have mugs, key-chains, shirts made etc. Or you can simply download them digitally and do with them as you please!

    I gotta give it to Six Flags…. not sure when this service started..but I wish I would have known about this sooo long ago! Disneyland offers a very similar deal and works just about the same. They had a few more options available, but none the less..we most definitely got our monies worth and makes me want to return sooner rather than later!

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