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    Just a thought but do you think the park would allow you to be a “ride op for a day” and let you help them open a coaster like revolution, viper or ninja? The thought would be seeing what goes into getting a ride open for an operating day. From transferring trains onto the ride to testing all the e-stops at all the brake runs. You might be surprised at what goes into getting a ride open and not just turning a key. For someone who is a coaster fan this may be something you would really enjoy. Just a thought.

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    The Coaster Guy

    I’m not sure if you’re talking about me personally, or anyone in general. With safety concerns, the legal considerations, and the training required, there’s no way they would let anyone be a ride op for just a day. I’ve actually been around various coasters early in the morning for media events and witnessed what all they must do to prep a coaster for the day. There’s a lot more that goes into it than most people realize.

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    I was thinking of you as way back in the olden days (back when the internet was dial up and MTV showed music videos) the park had a reporter from the LA times shadow one of the mechanics doing both a track walk and loading trains onto coasters (during the winter the mechanics certify the rides on Friday during the day) Then the reporter shadowed the morning shift ride ops staff for one of the rides and were shown how the ride works and what all those buttons are for. Since your following a certified operator/trainer there really isn’t a safety or legal problem (of course you would have to sign the “waiver of death” before hand)

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