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The New Revolution trains will be made locally

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    The Coaster Guy

    Ever since the announcement that Six Flags Magic Mountain will be getting brand new trains for The New Revolution next year, I’ve seen a lot of posts and comments from people saying that they’ll be coming from a coaster manufacturer like Gerstlauer or Premier Rides. That’s not true.

    Magic Mountain is actually doing something very smart. They’re taking the plans (blueprints) for the original Revolution trains to a metal fabricator and having every single piece made from scratch. Then they are going to assemble them in the coaster shop, just like they do after every major teardown and rebuild. The fiberglass shell is being redesigned, but they’re doing that in-house, and the paint shop will apply the new color scheme.

    When they are done doing this, and mate the seating shell to the chassis, they will have brand new trains from the ground up. Not only will this save them a ton of money as opposed to buying trains from another manufacturer, but I’ve been told that they won’t have to go through expensive and costly testing and certification procedures like they would with a different style of train because they already have them for this style of train.

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    awesome info! thanks Kurt… we need to get this forum booming!

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