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What do you think of Scream's new colors?

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    The Coaster Guy

    What do you think of Scream’s new blue and orange paint scheme?

    Scream! paint job at SFMM

    In case you’ve missed it, I’ve posted a couple of photo updates of the painting.

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    I really did like the tri-color scheme, but the blue and orange looks good, too. And it’s a scheme that no coaster at the park has ever had.

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    I think if it goes good with the rest of the new themed area then it’s cool but if not, it would seem rather pointless. Btw, the forum idea was/is awesome.

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    That orange is looking pretty good! My friends and I have joked around and called the track “Leftover Batman Blue” and “Tatsu Orange” supports. I like it though, and hope it ages well. The original Scream colors did not age well at all.

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    I like the colors, miss the tri-color pattern, but it will all seem rather incomplete if they don’t change the train colors at all (Which based of the latest Coaster Guy update, will not being happening).

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