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When will Twisted Colossus open?

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    The Coaster Guy

    When SFMM first announced Twisted Colossus, they were advertising a Spring 2015 opening. However, a little while later, and after the small fire on the lift hill, they started saying Summer 2015. They’ve recently gone back to saying Spring 2015. Since Spring is over at the end of May, do you think they’ll have the ride open by then?

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    I am expecting early summer, but hoping for a mid April Launch; On the bright side, this isn’t an Arrow coaster so it should at least open in the right year.

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    Awesome decision by going with the forums, Kurt. I can see big things happening with this!!

    I expect it to be open by at least the beginning of June, being there last night it looks like they aren’t messing around and wasting any time so I think they will have it for us in “Spring”. So stoked, can’t wait to be on my first ride heading up the lift hill with a big smile on my face…

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    I’m going with very early summer as well. Although, progress has been pretty incredible so far, maybe they’ll actually pull it off.

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    Unless we have a series of giant rainstorms, I think Twisted Colossus is on track to open about Memorial Day or shortly thereafter. I don’t think that’s unreasonable given how construction is going so far.

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    What’s gonna be interesti ng is what will get finished first; the ride being operational or the theming of the area. When Batman the ride was being built it was operational in late February but the entire gotham area was nowhere close to being finished until late april.

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    If I remember correctly, Ben, 1994 was a rainy year. In fact, it rained on Batman’s media day, which made riding very interesting.

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    Looking at Six Flags Magic Mountain’s past trends of opening rides, I’d say aroundJune 19.

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    I’m thinking it will be built and testing around mid to the end of April and will have a memorial day opening.

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    I don’t think we’ll know until the track is finished and they start sending trains around the circuit. While RMC has built several coasters, I don’t think they’ve built one with logistics as complicated as this one. Some of the elements they’re creating are awe-inspiring, and I love them. But with some of the more complicated elements they’re bringing, and SFMM’s track record, they *might* have some issues similar to the Maverick in-line roll which they eventually had to remove. Just throwing it out there.

    I’m very excited for the ride, however, I am patient. And when the ride is ready to open, I’ll make a visit.

    I think what’s most concerning at this point is that they’ve barely made progress on a lot of the new “Steampunk” themeing in the new area. Although, based off Full Throttle’s plaza, I am not expecting much.

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      The Coaster Guy

      I think the only really new element for them on TC is the High 5, and that’s already built. They only have two inversions left to install during Phase 3, the Top Gun Stall and Zero-G Roll, but they’ve already built those on other coasters. I don’t think there are going to be any track complications during the rest of the build.

      Where are you seeing pics of what’s been done so far in the Screampunk area? I haven’t been in there in over a month so I have no idea how much or little progress they’ve made, but I’d love to know what you know.

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        Oh, I’m not concerned about the build, AT ALL! I’m more talking about the forces that will be exerted on the trains and riders while going through the circuits unique elements. I’m hoping for the best, of course, but it being SFMM you never know! So a solid “opening” day at this point I think is in the air.

        I gathered my opinion on the SteamPunk area from the update photos you posted on March 15th.

        There was a picture of the Magic Moments theater you showed and commented that no work had been done on the exterior (not surprised). Perhaps I assumed if any significant progress had been made to the SteamPunk area, we would have seen it or been told from you or anyone else visiting the park and sharing photos. After the Full Throttle plaza, I would expect A LOT of spray painted concrete, and NOT a lot of trees for shade!

        But don’t get me wrong, I love the park, and hope I’m wrong!

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          The Coaster Guy

          I think there is a lot of work going on in the plaza that we just can’t see. I know that concrete has been ripped out and replaced and the Twisted ‘Wiches sandwich shop is also being worked on. I think they’re just going to redo the façade on the theater, so that won’t take very long at all and will likely be one of the last things done.

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    I don’t think the forces on Twisted Colossus are going to be that intense, just a whole lot of fun, similar to Iron Rattler.

    Also, if there are no testing complications, I’m predicting a June 6th opening.

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