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    The Coaster Guy

    Hello Everyone!

    As you are all aware, I haven’t been very active with my blog lately. I left my corporate job of 20 years in May and started my own business. I’ve been extremely busy getting that off the ground and haven’t had much time for theme parks or roller coasters. I do apologize for that.

    Until I start to get some free time again, I figured I’d let you all have a turn to run it for awhile. I’m asking that you help me keep the site going by posting photos, updates, comments, or anything else that you feel is relevant and will encourage active participation by other forum members.

    I’ll continue to moderate the site and post content when I can, but I’m really looking to the coaster community to make this site their own and help drive it forward. My only ask is that everyone keep it friendly and adhere to the community guidelines.

    Thank you all very much and have fun!!!

    The Coaster Guy

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