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What is your opinion on Wicked Cyclone?

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    I think Wicked Cyclone will be one of the best additions to the Six Flags lineup this year (of course not as good as Twisted Cyclone). Especially with its amazing themeing and great layout, Six Flags has a real winner for next year.

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    The Coaster Guy

    I’m assuming that you meant “Twisted Colossus.” I think Wicked Cyclone looks wicked awesome and I can’t wait to ride it!

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    This is part my local bias, but I think WC is going to be leagues ahead of Colossus. The pacing, elements, and airtime are just relentles. TC looks great, but it doesn’t stand out as much tor me.I’ve been on both pre-transformation and Colossus could’ve been left as is.

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      The Coaster Guy

      Yes, Colossus could’ve bene left as is, but there still wouldn’t be anybody riding it. As Twisted Colossus, it’ll draw huge crowds and give X2, Full Throttle, and Goliath a reprieve from the long lines. The coaster just got another 20+ years of life out of the deal.

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    Wicked Cyclone looks amazing. But give me a choice between the two, I’ll take Twisted Colossus every time. TC feels more like an “event” coaster, and although WC will beat it in terms of pacing and intensity, TC offers things WC just cant. Like 2 80° drops and two build ups from the lift.

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