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  • Six Flags Magic Mountain Little Flash Construction Update

    The other day I posted some pictures of Viking Demolition trucks heading into Six Flags Magic Mountain. As promised, I made my way over to the park today and...

    • Posted 01/16/2011
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  • Six Flags Season Pass Payment Plan

    Six Flags has just announced on their blog that they are offering a payment plan for their season passes. For a limited time, you can split the cost of...

    • Posted 01/13/2011
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  • Superman: Escape From Krypton To Reopen In March

    According to a L.A. Times article posted earlier today, Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced that Superman: Escape from Krypton will reopen on March 19th. The new trains, with...

    • Posted 01/12/2011
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  • Six Flags Magic Mountain Construction Continues

    Even though Six Flags Magic Mountain is closed today, it’s nice to see that it’s not completely lifeless inside. The following photos caught Viking Demolition trucks as they were...

    • Posted 01/12/2011
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  • The Coaster Guy Turns One Month Old

    It was exactly one month ago today that I started this blog and uploaded my very first post. I knew I wanted to do a niche roller coaster blog...

    • Posted 01/08/2011
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  • Six Flags Magic Mountain Sky Tower Factoid

    The Sky Tower at Six Flags Magic Mountain has got to be the park’s most iconic symbol. Sure, some people will argue that Tatsu and X2 are more well...

    • Posted 01/07/2011
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  • Random Photos Of Six Flags Magic Mountain

    It was a nice today so I thought I would go grab a couple of photos of Six Flags Magic Mountain. Since they were closed, I started looking for...

    • Posted 01/06/2011
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