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  • Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers Opens At Six Flags Magic Mountain

    On Wednesday, June 25th Six Flags Magic Mountain opened their 19th roller coaster, Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers. That gives them four kiddie coasters, more than any other park in the U.S., and nineteen in total, more...

    • Posted June 26, 2014
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  • Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report For 17 Feb 2014

    President’s Day is not only a day off of work for many people, but it’s also an extra day that Six Flags Magic Mountain is open, so it’s almost like a double bonus. If memory serves, the...

    • Posted February 21, 2014
    • 13
  • Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers Roller Coaster

    Six Flags Magic Mountain finally announced the name of their 19th roller coaster today, set to debut for the 2014 season. Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers will be the name of the new coaster and it will...

    • Posted February 11, 2014
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  • Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report For 2 Feb 2014

    I like going to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Superbowl Sunday because I know it’s not going to be very crowded. I’m not really a hardcore football fan, but I know a lot of people are, and...

    • Posted February 3, 2014
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  • Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report For 19 Jan 2014

    Welcome to my very first Six Flags Magic Mountain trip report of 2014. This was X2’s grand re-opening weekend after being closed for several months to replace a broken lift hill chain. I was excited to get...

    • Posted January 20, 2014
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  • Foghorn Leghorn’s Barnyard Railway Removed

    For the upcoming 2014 season, Six Flags Magic Mountain announced that they will be making several changes to the children’s area of the park known as Bugs Bunny World. They have already made one very large change...

    • Posted January 13, 2014
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  • World’s Tallest Fake Tree Being Chopped Down

    All good things must come to an end, right? That’s what’s happening this week at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I’ve confirmed with the park that they are indeed removing the giant fake Sequoia tree in High Sierra...

    • Posted November 5, 2013
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